Daihatsu launched New Model for [MOVE]

The Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd., Japanese mini car maker, launch the new model for [MOVE] lightly extensively after 4 years. With gasoline price soaring, fuel economy automobile market, Daihatsu riding the spirit of new model throwing of popularity model, pulling out the Suzuki of 33 annual share top, it is observed whether it can stand to the premier position.

Renovating new model [MOVE] the principal parts such as body and engine have been redesigned. Efficiency of accident prevention such as informs about danger the driver was installed in this new model. The length and width of the interior was made of the longest for the mini-car. The selling price is from 1,018,500 Yen.

Sale of Domestic Trade for Japanese K-car from January to September approximately 1,550,000 unit of as compared with the corresponding period of the previous year 4.7% increase.


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