A New Record for New Nissan Skyline

? 4144-car have been? book within one week
? After launching the? new model? for the Nissan Skyline, Japanese sports car,? on Nov 20, the Nissan Motor Corporation received 4144 bookings from customers. This has reached the company target that is 1000-car per month.

What attracts the driver? ? First, let us see from the engine. The VQ25HR engine model which has max. power: 165kW(225PS)/6800rpm and max. torque: 263Nm (26.8kgm)/4800 is 68.8% from the selling. The VQ35HR engine which has max. power: 232kW(315PS)/6800rpm and 358Nm (36.5kgm)/4800rpm is 31.2%. The best selling colour is brilliant silver about 22.2%, next is white pearl 19.0% etc.

The option that customers choose the most is HDD Navigator, Back-View assistant and Side Brilliant Monitor. It is about 92.6%. Besides that, the latest technology of 4-Wheels Active Steer (4WAS) is installed to over 50% for thw New Nissan Skyline Models.?

? japan-used-car-skyline.jpg

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Most Advanced Technology award for Mitsubishi i Car

The “i” mini passenger car from Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has won the “Most Advanced Technology” Special Achievement Award announced by the Car of the Year Japan’s Executive Committee. The “i” is the first mini passenger car which has received this honor. It was 10 years after “Galant/Legnum” was declared Car of the Year Japan 1996-1997, Mitsubishi Motors heritage has received this recognition for “i” mini car .

The minicar, “i” was developed as an innovative Premium Small Car ushering in a new age. It successfully overcomes the tradeoffs normally associated with the mini car category: design versus comfortable interior space; comfortable interior space versus impact safety. Mitsubishi Motors has been able to conquer these challenges by developing a new and leading edge “rear-midship layout” that mounts the engine forward of the rear axle line permitting three new “innovations” within the category’s space constraints: futuristic and uptown styling; agile handling and a comfortable ride; and excellent multi-directional impact safety. Mitsubishi received the prestigious award for this highly original exterior and interior design, which is delivered by the ingenious platform.

Mitsubishi i Car


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Special Daihatsu Tanto Custom

Japanese K-car Manufacturer, Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd., launched special version for its Daihatsu Tanto Custom. The Special Daihatsu Tanto Custom has two version. The ‘VS?? version and the ‘VS Turbo?? version. These two have been on sale from 13th Nov 2006.

The Daihatsu Tanto Custom VS and VS Turbo’s designed are based on Custom RS. These Custom’s cars come with exclusive metal plate and 15 inch Alloy rim etc. Besides that, this mini-car’s interior has leather seat and over-head compartment. Key-less function and automatic engine starter system also has been installed into these vehicle. The price for Daihatsu Tanto Custom VS version is 1323000 yen (2WD) / 1420650 yen (4WD), VS Turbo is 1554000 yen (2WD)/ 1672650 yen (4WD).


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Toyota and Isuzu in Partnership

The Toyota Motor Corporation?? (Japanese Car Maker) and the Isuzu Motors Limited (Japanese Truck Maker) announced that have capital business cooperation on the 7th Nov 2006. Toyota acquires 5.9% of stock in Isuzu Motors Limited and becomes the 3rd rank shareholder.

Besides the fact that for the car it cooperates with development production of the small-sized Diesel engine and cooperation development etc of the waste gas purifier, it cooperates even with environmental technology such as engineering development of the hybrid car and the fuel cell car. Toyota has its Hino (the subsidiary company of Toyota that major in Trucks), will have strengthen relationship with Isuzu can make it the domestic largest camp is formed in Diesel field.

On November 10th, Toyota with 44,000,000,000 Yen, buy 60,000,000 stocks from the Mitsubishi Corporation and 40,000,000 stocks buy from the C. Ito & Co., Ltd… Investment ratio after the buying (preferred stock after the converting), 9.2% of the Mitsubishi Corporation, coming after the C. Itoh & Co., Ltd. 7.7%, it reaches 3 ranks in common stock.

In the business aspect, the Isuzu Motors Limited supplies the small-sized Diesel engine and the waste gas purifier to for the Toyota car. It is seen that for Europe where the Diesel car has spread is center. Toyota offers wide environmental technology such as hybrid and fuel cell. The American General Motors (GM) which is the head shareholder (GM) the April this year, sold its Isuzu Motors Limited’s stocks to the Mitsubishi Corporation and C. Itoh & Co., Ltd..

In press conference on the 7th, Toyota’s President Mr. Watanabe said that in 7 ends of the month he made a business capital discussion with Isuzu’s President Mr. Ida. Popularity of the Diesel car whose carbon dioxide discharge quantity is small Europe has increased on the center. Toyota aimed with gathering advanced technology of Isuzu will lead in Diesel field.

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