Nissan will get down to Green Environment Technology

? In the Press Release on 2006/12/11, Nissan Motor Corporation Limited will bring in the German Hybrid Technology for the Nissan Japanese vehicle and Nissan American car. This German Hybrid Technology will be the in for Japanese and America in 2010. It will also the Next Generation Green Enviroment Project for Nissan.

? Bio-Diesel Vehicle and Fuel-Cell Vehicle, Electric Vehicle, Bio-Ethyl Vehicle etc. projects will be Nissan Next Generation Technology. The delay for the Green Enviroment Technology make Nissan sells’ go down. Nissan will work hard on [Nissan Enviroment] to get for the goal.

? [Nissan Green Programme 2010] will be the theme for Nissan Motor Corporation. In Year 2050, the New Vehicle’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) will 70% down compare to the Year 2000.
The Target to be aimed for Nissan as below:
(1) Research and Devolopment (R&D) in Charging Hybrid by using Home Electricity.
(2) Bio-Diesel Vehicle with low-exhaust gas will be launch in middle of 2007 in Europe and Japan and America will be in Year 2010.
(3) New Company will be build-up Research and Devolopment (R&D), Manufacture and selling Lithium Battery for Hybrid Vehicles.

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Toyota Corolla be the best selling car in Japan

toyota corolla.jpg?

? Four years continously, Toyota Corolla has been the best selling new car in Japan.
? This has been announced by Japan Automobile Dealers Association on 6th Dec 2006. This announcement is based on the New Car selling research from January to November 2006.

? Total selling amount for the Toyota Corolla is one hundred and thirty thousand seven hundred and thirty car, Second best selling car is the Toyota Vitz, one hundred and ten thousand hundred and ninety one car.

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