Japan change its muffler regulations

With muffler exchange and remodelling of the japanese car, make big noise and uncomfortable to the people. These also a social problems. To solve these problems, The National Traffic Ministry and The Environmental Ministry make some reformation in the regulations.

This time the Ministry make an enforcement regulation on the car’s muffler. For the new regulations, vehicle that want to install the muffler have to get a certificate and need to display the certification number as necessary. In addition, at the time of type acquisition try to be adapted the standard of the same level as the standard which is applied in the non certification car and the muffler exchange car which do not acquire type. An application document of new inspection concerning the vehicle which does not acquire type is requested.

The fact that this revised law will be effective 2007 July, acquires type after the 2008 application is consecutively started from the automobile and the like which January. After manufacturer sells muffler is becoming matter. Everything JASMA (Japanese Automobile Muffler Association) the origin of recognition it is sold in regard to the vehicle inspection adaptation muffler.
After this method amending the present JASMA recognition muffler continuously is produced and sell. However, it do not applied to the car which production vehicle that has ended. In addition, depending upon the time of the next minor change and full model change are outside adaptation there are also some which even by the current car.

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Toyota Blade 2.4L

The Toyota Research and Development (R&D) with the Moto [High Class Hatch-Back for the Witty Adult] to explode the New Toyota Blade. The New Toyota Blade with the suitable body size for comfortable driving style and the high technology design almost same with the first class sedan vehicle. The New Toyota Blade has safety and stylish interior design and best performance that been created by the vehicle which make the driver and the passenger pride and happy with it.

Exterior of the New Toyota Blade with Sporty style and its own personality. For the interior of the new car, special material and the finishing make the Toyota Blade more comfortable. It has 2.4L Engine and a newly designed suspension to match with the performance of the New Toyota Blade. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) & TRC, SRS Side and Guard Air-Bag makes the vehicle safety to all passengers.

The price of the New Toyota Blade is from 2,247,000YEN to 2,772,000YEN japan-used-car-toyota-blade

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Panasonic Toyota Racing Team launched New F1 Machine

Panasonic Toyota Racing Team (Japanese F1 Racing team)launched TF107 as their New F1 Machine for the 2007 F1 Championship Season. The 2007 F1 Championship will be start on 18th March 2007 in Australia.

Among of the 11 teams in F1 Racing Teams, Toyota is the team that has the same engine maker and the same tyre partnership. Besides that, their Race Driver also the same as last season. This make it the unique team that can make the team learned the weak point from passed season and make the Panasonic Toyota Racing Team to has good result in this new season.

Techical Specifications for TF107 as below:
It has moulded carbon fibre and honeycomb construction for its monocoque construction. Front suspension is Carbon fibre double wishbone arrangement, with carbon fibre trackrod and pushrod. Rear suspension is Carbon fibre double wishbone arrangement, with carbon fibre toe link and pushrod. For the dampers, it use Penske and wheels is from BBS forged magnesium. Tyres is Bridgestone Potenza. Brake calipers and Brembo Brake master cylinders is from Brembo. Braking material is Hitco (carbon/carbon) Steering is Toyota power-assisted steering and Steering wheel is Toyota carbon fibre wheel with Toyota / Magneti Marelli instrument. Driver seat is make from Carbon fibre, moulded to driver’s shape. Driver restraints is Takata and Driver HANS device is designed from Toyota. Electronic systems Toyota / Magneti Marelli, Transmission is 7-speed unit plus reverse. Beside that , the race engine is RVX-07 that has 8 cylinder with approximately 740bhp.
For the acceleration system, it use Pneumatic Valve actuation and hydraulic throttle actuation.

For year 2007, Toyota aim is to win the race.


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New Regulation for the Freight Truck

The Ministry of National Traffic Japan has set a new require for the frontal entering prevention device of the large-sized Japanese freight truck or Cargo truck. As an object device of the rule which is based on the type recognition mutual approval agreement of the United Nations vehicle and the like other than frontal entering prevention, the large-sized rear reflector, adopting the agreement rule for the crew-member protection in the time of front collision.

Safety standards and device model designation rule of road haulage vehicle method and the notification etc which decides the detail of safety standards were amended attendant upon this. From April 1st, installing the frontal entering prevention device is an enforcement applied to all the large-sized freight Truck of production after September 2011.

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R&D for the Lithium-ion Electic Battery aim for mass production in 10 years

? Programme in Lithium ion electric battery for the automobile is in development. The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., NEC and Toshiba etc increase the self-introduction to market entry, aim toward the mass production supply approximately 2010 and accelerate development. The country is also support of the electric battery programme and make a electricity rates for the electric automobile etc. Enviroment Friendly Programme and Lowering depending on oil have been a part of national policy. Searching the suitable material for the vehicle’s life and the best price for the electrode material still remains as a topic and the activation of the hybrid vehicle and the electric automobile in the domestic market which may be able to expect.

? If the lithium ion electric battery for the load of the small size high performance was utilized, it charged by nighttime electric power, and the like it extended the distance which it can run with the electric motor to 20 kilometer to 60 kilometer with? the “plug in hybrid car”. Utilization of the electric automobile and Mitsubishi, Fuji Heavy Industry is in the midst of developing enters into range of vision. Especially you say that large portion of the user travel distance per 1 days and expect replacement to the electric automobile within 100 kilometers.

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