SUV Review – Honda CR-V

In our last post we mentioned some of the cars which have the highest resale value, as per the Kelley Blue Book.  Honda CR-V has consistently ranked as a car with top resale value.  Honda CR-V is definitely an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable, practical, and well-engineered SUV from Japan.  In this review of Honda CR-V SUV, we will discuss what makes it better than its rivals in compact SUVs.

Honda CR-V 2007

The name CR-V stands for ‘Compact Recreational Vehicle’.  The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Honda since 1996.  The Japanese car maker designed Honda CR-V to present a clear substitute to mainstream large SUVs.  Its design was inspired from Honda Civic, and with its sedan like design, 4 cylinder engine,  car-like handling and ride, the Honda CR-V became an instant favorite.  Honda CR-V had huge sales as it offered great performance with plenty of space for passenger and cargo at an affordable price tag.  Even today, Honda CR-V has its sedan-like inclination and even today it remains very popular.

Honda CR-V might be categorized as a SUV, but its main focus is on the Utility rather than on the Sports.  And, when it comes to safety, it has excellent frontal and side-impact crash test scores.

Honda CR-V Ratings

The Honda CR-V has a long list of merits.  Its interior is intelligently designed and uses fine materials.  Honda CR-V is powered by a four cylinder, 2,400 cc engine that delivers 166 HP.  It comes with a 4 wheel drive with a 5 speed transmission.  Front wheel drive is available as an option.  Four-wheel drive CR-Vs are perfect for negotiating bumpy, snowy, or wet road conditions.  CR-V’s handling is smooth for a large family car, and though the CR-V is not tuned as a sports car, it gives quiet and comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

Thus, when it comes to practicality and on-road drivability, Honda CR-V is one of the best choices available in the compact SUV market.  No wonder it was declared as one of the top cars having the highest car resale value.  Also it is one of the selling SUVs in the United States.

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Resale value of Japanese Cars

While purchasing a car, what do you look for? Usually people think about brand, performance, model, color and many more similar things. But does any one ever think of buying car considering the resale value it will get after using it for few years. Well the main reason for this is while purchasing a car no one will be bothered how to sell it after some years, but you have to always think of the resale value of cars. Always keep in mind that car is a derogating asset and after some years it will lose its aesthetic value.

A new car starts losing its value once it is driven out of the showroom.  The car loses maximum value in the first five years of ownership and then the value of the car depreciates gradually. Finally, when the car owner decides to sell a car after a span of five or six years, the depreciation is much higher. So, while buying a new car it is important to consider its resale value.

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has released its annual resale value data for 2010, and according to them Toyota, Honda and BMW remain the top brands in five-year residual value. So you can clearly see that Japanese cars consistently lead in resale values.

KBB estimates Toyota’s models will keep 38.8% of their value while Honda’s models will keep 38 % of their value after five years. KBB’s top ten models for five-year residual value include the following Japanese cars. The Prius has been one of the topmost resale value cars for several years.

# Toyota Tacoma
# Toyota Prius
# Honda CR-V
# Toyota RAV4

Even in countries like India, when automakers from India, Korea, Europe, and America are having a major market share, Japanese cars like Honda Siel, Honda City, Toyota Innova fetch the maximum price on resale. Comparing other cars in Honda cars segment it loses about 20-30% value in 3 years whereas Toyota Innova can fetch around 70-80% of its road price even after 3 years.

What factors influence resale price?
Now you may question – how to calculate resale value of a car? Well it is not illogical. There are many factors which influence the resale price other than the general ones like registration date of car, current condition of car, no. of miles it has covered etc.

How the purchaser distinguishes a particular product makes a whole lot of difference. For example the Japanese cars are known for their technology which makes their cars more efficient while the American cars are supposed to be fuel guzzlers.

Spare parts availability:
While purchasing car it is important to find out whether you can easily find its spare parts if you need them. Now as the survey suggests, it is quiet easy to find spare parts for Japanese cars while it is difficult to find spare parts for American and European cars.

Japanese cars have a high level of reliability, which makes their maintenance costs low.

After sales service:
Many car companies do provide better service but they come with many restrictions.

Japanese cars consistently rank high in all these factors included in calculation of the resale price.

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Suzuki Swift 2000 Review

Suzuki Swift is subcompact car which was originally designed as a city car for Japan and Europe, however, it has become popular worldwide as this Japanese car belongs to the bargain end of the economy car class.  New Suzuki Swift is priced well under $10,000 and has fuel economy ratings around 40 mpg .  Suzuki Swift is a thus very practical option for price-conscious buyers who are looking for basic transportation. Used Suzuki Swifts can be bought at very low price due to its high depreciation.  The latest generation of Suzuki Swift subcompact stretches from 1995 to 2001.  In this post, we review the Suzuki Swift 2000 model.  Suzuki’s Swift 2000 model is a great value for your money.

Model Lineup of Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift comes in 2 models namely GL and GA. The standard Swift GL includes air condition as well as stereo system while standard Swift GA is without all these features. Each model of Suzuki’s Swift 2000 includes 4-cylinder engine attached with manual 5-speed gearbox and also an optional 3-speed automatic transmission.

suzuki swift 2000

Suzuki Swift – Exterior

The external look of Swift is somewhat wedge shaped surrounded with smooth edges and side panels which perfectly blend together to give it a contemporary look.   The major exterior features are

  • Curb weight: 820 Kg
  • Body side molding
  • Metallic / gloss / black paint
  • Front and rear black bumpers
  • Windshield wipers with fixed intermittent wipe
  • Complex surface lens halogen bulb headlights
  • Externally adjustable black door mirrors for driver and passenger
  • Day time running lights
  • Tinted glass on cabin
  • Rear window

Suzuki Swift – Interior Features

Suzuki Swift’s cabin is well designed.  The inside cabin consist of total 4 seats of which front seats are bucket seats while back seats are quite modest. These front bucket seats help to prevent arms and shoulders from bumping against a door or other passenger. Though you would never feel like crammed or congested inside Swift mainly because its designer has taken care of every thing to give maximum elbow room in a compact space.  It comes with driver and passenger front airbags, 3-point reel front seat belts for driver and passenger,  Ventilation system with recirculation setting, automatic transmission, Air conditioning,  Am/Fm radio,  Cassette player etc.

Driving impression of Suzuki Swift

The strut design of Swift does good job of smoothing out bumps, however the short wheel span makes the ride quality more rugged compared to larger car having longer wheelbase. Swift’s good quality mechanical hardware is the key reason for its good mannerism on road.  It lacks features like power steering, but in spite of that,  you can maneuver the car including making u-turns easily. In addition to above mentioned features Suzuki’s Swift has many hidden active and passive safety features boost up driver confidence.

The Suzuki’s Swift has been in this auto market for many years still it has a charm which gives it fresh look and also its features makes it stand well against all its new competitor.  Swift has many attributes as well as limitation.  Though Swift is a small car in dimensions, you can easily move around in the case of city traffic; quite affordable for buyers with fixed car budget, but is quite comfortable and nicely equipped; though the tiny engine of Swift sometimes may lack power, but this get compensated due to its economical fuel consumption.  Overall our ratings for Suzuki Swift are as follows:

Comfort Average
Performance Good
Exterior Styling Avergae
Interior Design Good
Features Average
Handling Good
Reliability Very Good
Value for the Money Very Good

In short, Suzuki’s Swift is a good starter car and offers good value for money .

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