Honda Accord 2004 Review

Honda Accord has been the best selling and most popular Japanese car especially in the United States for almost fifteen years from 1982-1997.  Honda started manufacturing the Accord mid size sedans in 1976.  There have been several different versions and styles of the Accord since then.  Amongst them, the seventh generation (2002-2008) of Honda Accord has been the most popular used car from Japan in global markets.  Honda Accord is considered one of the most reliable cars around the world.

Here we provide you with a review of the  Honda Accord 2004 model.

The 2004 model of Accord is considered one of the best and most popular exported  mid-size car from Japan.  In the past decade, it has proved to be a best seller amongst mid-size cars.

honda accord 2004

If you are wondering whether to purchase a used Honda Accord, now would be a good time.  You will avoid steep rates of depreciation which occur in brand new cars.  You will be able to get a Honda Accord 2004  at a much lower price.  Honda Accord is a car respected for its high resale value, so all in all it makes for a good investment.

This stylish car is powered with an iVTEC 4-cylinder engine and brings with it a 6 speed manual transmission.  You can also have an optional 5-speed automatic transmission.  Its standard equipment consists of power windows, ‘dual zone’ climate control, CD player, cruise control, adjustable tilt-reach steering wheel, theft alarm,  ABS/EBD equipped 4-wheel disc brakes, alloy wheels, Vehicle Stability Assist, side airbags and dual airbags.

This car has a distinctive stylish wedge design which makes it appealing.  Other features such as chrome mirrors and handles add to its grandeur.  The interior is plush and the spacious leg room and cabin storage just add to its plus points.

The Honda Accords powerful engine and 5 speed auto transmissions go well with each other and give a performance which is ideal for suburban commuting and highway driving. The 5 speed auto transmission has very smooth shifting. The fuel efficiency is exceptional in city driving as well as highway driving.

Poor roads surfaces are hardly a pain with the high quality of suspension in the Honda Accord 2004 model.  Even the brakes are strong & powerful and high in quality.  The 4-cylinder engine of iVTEC had amazing power and more than adequate torque making it spin effortlessly to reach the maximum revs.

To summarize,  Honda Accord 2004 boasts a powerful engine, quality construction, comprehensive features and great chassis dynamics.  It provides a smooth ride,  a tight build and has good scores in crash tests.  If you are looking for an efficient and powerful family car with stylish spacious interiors, we strongly recommend you to go for
Honda Accord 2004.

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Toyota Hilux Surf – Customer Review

I have owned five cars since I started driving.  And this used Japanese car Toyota Hilux Surf (1996 model) which I bought from you six months ago, is by far the most enjoyable and versatile car I had driven so far.

In spite of being a 14 year old  car, it has no signs of rust on the body work;  it is well built and has a solid feel.  My Toyota Hilux Surf is quiet comfortable vehicle with ample  space for leg-room and is quite spacious for in the front as well as in the rear.  The boot-space is terrific too – there is plenty of space to lie out full stretch – great for camping expeditions.

1996 Toyota Hilux Surf

I am completely satisfied with my Hilux Surf. Though I bought this used Toyota Hilux Surf at a bargain price,  I still haven’t faced any problems with its engine.   The Hilux Surf is good for transporting goods required for my business, and also a very sturdy and reliable companion for off-road journeys.

The interior looks typically Japanese and it comes with many extra features, from air-conditioner to power mirrors, windows, rear heater, sunroof, reclining rear seats, multi adjustable front seat and rear tailgate.

The 2.4 ton diesel delivers about 100 bhp and is just about adequate for a vehicle of this size, returning about 13 km per liter of diesel. The top speed is about 170 km/hr on this used Hilux.

I never had any problems about the reliability of this car. I change oil every 6000 km, not because the engine uses up too much oil but just to keep engine in proper working condition, Once I had a long drive for over 300 km covering hilly areas.  I went at full speed for hours together; yet, at the end of the journey when I checked the oil levels,  it was almost the same as it was when I had started.  That was a real surprise for me.

Toyota Hilux Surf has nice seating arrangement and with its 4×4 drive, you are able get nice driving experience, even on hilly, slippery or heavy snow clad roads.

I am very much satisfied with my purchase of this Toyota Hilux Surf.  Though it may not be one of the best looking car on earth,  it is very realistic and most importantly it never breaks. In short, Toyota Hilux Surf is quiet an amazing car and goes beyond all its expectations.  I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a car with good performance.  Now, I am planning to get one more ‘Hilux Surf’ exclusively for my family.

Customer Testimonial from Mr. Richard Kyle – South Africa

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Review of Nissan Cube 2009

The Nissan Cube manufactured by Japanese car maker Nissan is mini but Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV).  The Japanese automaker is targeting young buyers to buy this mini Nissan Cube.  Presently Nissan Cube is mainly sold in North America, Europe and Japan.  The 1st generation of the Nissan Cube was established in Japan in 1998.  To maintain a proper balance between the Nissan lineups from Nissan March & Nissan Sunny, the Nissan Cube was created.  The 1st generation of the Nissan Cube was only sold in Japan.

The 3rd generation of the Nissan cube was released late last year in Japan.  The new Cube is a tall and made up of boxy kind of design. These features of Cube are more curved styling cue and rounded compared to its earlier generations.  Five people can be accommodated comfortably.  The rear hatch is attached in such a way so that it open along its vertical axis towards the curb.  Loading and unloading becomes easy with this feature if vehicle is parked in a very crowded street.  According to the designers of Nissan, the interior of cube is greatly inspired by the ‘enveloping curves of a Jacuzzi’ which try to exhibit a social and comfortable atmosphere.

Nissan Cube 2009

Nissan is trying to promote its brand by convincing people that it is not a car but some new technology related stuff.  The Nissan’s target group is young techno savvy buyers.  Nissan is comparing its Cube with mobile or gadgets like iphone.  To select accessories is to “set your preferences” and to hit the road with friends is to “upload yourself and four buddies.”  Despite of the Nissan’s attempt to promote its car by using anti-car marketing strategy, one thing is for sure Nissan  Cube is made up of many good features like smooth steering, decent driver, passable handling, six-speed manual, powerful brakes and terrific low-speed maneuverability. The manual gear of Cube shifts smoothly. Moreover, it also has many safety features like anti-lock brakes with proper distribution between brake assist and brake-force, full array of air bags, safety gear for a low-end model, traction and stability controls.

The Nissan Cube is powered by 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine which is quiet good for urban city traffic as well as flat highway but less for driving on slopes. The Nissan Cube gives about 30 mpg highways, 28 mpg in city and 29 mpg combined result. The key advantage of a box shaped vehicle is vast space and so passenger space is quiet generous in Cube. Even though Nissan Cube is targeting young buyers, the room inside the car well enough for their well-spread and well-fed elders; even the cargo space is quiet big. Other features include good Visibility and tight turning circle which can attract young nervous drivers who Nissan thinks as their target audience. Apart from all these features it also includes options like shag carpeting at the centre of dash board which helps MP3 or cellphone from sliding around.

Nissan Cube Ratings

So now finally you would like to know what is the cost of Nissan Cube? Well, the start price of Nissan Cube is just around $14,385. On the whole Nissan Cube it is cool and useful car with a trendy twist. Though Nissan Cube is an ideal car for young buyers at the same time it is also a spacious, competent, and extremely comfortable family car.   

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