Nissan offers Vitamin C Enriched Cars

Nissan – the Japanese car maker has announced about its working on the idea of “Health and Well-Being” to make it a healthier and safer experience for people driving in one of their cars.

There has been some thought that has gone into making just good old driving a special “experience” here.  Nissan is working on getting vitamin C enriched breathable air pumped into the automobile enclosure by the air-conditioning system to aid in keeping the occupants’ skin supple and feeling fresh.  This out of the box thinking from Nissan has brought in a lot of accolades as well as some critique.

nissan vitamin c car

Who wouldn’t want to prevent their elbows and skin going dry after driving around in an air-conditioned car over long drives?  Conversely, having your skin moisturized, without even actually having to do so seems like the perfect answer to most people’s problems.  Driving or even just traveling in a car manufactured by Nissan from now on would become a wholly new and fresh-feeling experience.

The “experience” is administered by a plasma cluster ion generator installed to control the filtering of air through the climate control system within the car.  The next generation system of climate control will not only filter the air within but also from outside the car as well as pump in vitamin C which is so essential for keeping skin moisturized and feeling soft and supple.

The plasma cluster ions assist in the reduction of mold intensity and also reduces bacteria that are airborne besides assisting in neutralizing microbe carrying allergens in the air and ticks.  These ions are also effective in controlling odors.

The system is geared to be able to sense different odors – like those of decay and industrial discharge – and mechanically toggle the airing system as necessary.

Along with these vitamin C enriched air circulation, Nissan is also aiming at helping at reducing stress on feet and legs of long distance drivers by installing specially designed heated ergonomic seats with multi-layered cushion pads to help keep both the driver and passengers comfortable for those going on long drives.  These chairs help considerably reduce back ache and also facilitate blood circulation and have been developed as a result undertaken by NASA.

Nissan is striving to make drivers feel safer, healthier and more comfortable within the car than out of it.  The new vitamin C spraying air-conditioners and air purifiers specially manufactured by Sharp, are bound to go a great way in increasing awareness among automobile owners that are health conscious.

With the increase in competition between automobile manufacturers, this value addition to the car market from Nissan brings with it a new way of looking to make their automobiles different from those produced by the rest of the car manufacturers.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR-X Review

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation launched the super efficient 4WD sedan called the Lancer Evolution GSR-X in 2007.  The world watched with bated breath, as the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo rolled out with a stylish and sleek exterior, modern interior designs, new engine and platform.  The main idea behind developing the super model was to make it safe for the car driving customers and at the same time makes it very fast.

This super model of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is based on the most recent applications in automobile engineering technology.  The control system of the vehicle is dynamic and it incorporates the super all wheel control.  The clutch system is very efficient.  This modern car is essentially a high performance car for the new generation that combines safety, security and speed.  In other words, this model was designed keeping the safety and interests of the driver in mind.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR-X

All the models of this series are equipped with the super all wheel control.  This modern system helps in managing the various component functions.  It helps in reflecting and reading the intent of the driver in a quick time for various situations.  It also helps in regulating the drive torque and the force on each wheel when the brakes are applied.  This ensures supreme peace of mind to the drivers.

This model is not very heavy since the equipments used are designed in such a way that the model feels light and weighs light.  The exterior of this vehicle is highly stylish and looks sophisticated.  The roof of the Evo X  is designed in such a way that when the vehicle is traveling at full speed, it cuts through the air and glides leading to better airflow over the roof of the car.  Even the underbody airflow in the model is exhausted more efficiently due to the unique diffuser design.  The rear view of the vehicle is also splendid.

The interior makeup of the vehicle is breathtaking and the driver of the vehicle feels very comfortable while driving.  A lot of importance is given to operational and functional elements.  The seats are designed in such a way that even during long journeys there is no trace of stress, tiredness or fatigue.  The seats are designed by a company called Recaro which provides seats with excellent hold and location.  The front seat is designed in such a way that it resembles a bucket that is full.  The steering wheel is small in diameter and ensures smooth driving.  The steering wheel is adorned with a leather wrap which provides an out of the world experience.

This wonderful model is powered by an engine that is turbocharged and it greatly increases the efficiency.  The engine essentially consists of four cylinders, with each cylinder having a capacity of two liters.  This engine develops enormous power and generates a very high torque.  The engine is environment friendly and is light in weight.  For those who love to go for long drives, this vehicle provides optimum thrill and excitement.  This car can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in just five seconds.

Truly, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR-X is a superb high performance car which is also street legal has breathtaking features.  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo GSR-X was also awarded the Best Performance Car under $50K and it is a dream come true for all performance car lovers.  If you are looking for performance cars from Japan which are also street legal, please get in touch with us with your requirements.

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Toyota Prius Best Selling Car in Japan Again

This is the 14th month in the running for the Toyota Prius to be declared the best selling car in Japan.  Sales of this hybrid car in its third generation maxed 31,876 units in June and the Prius has been maintaining its first position for the last 14 months.  Worldwide sales have reached 1.79 million and the Prius is currently the top selling hybrid to hit the global car market.

Toyota Prius Assembly Plant Japan

If the waiting lists for the Toyota Prius are to be believed, the demand is far greater than the rate of supply in Japan.  The waiting period is as high as three months.  There was a brief period in 2009 when the top position of the Prius (at the time in its second generation) was usurped by the launch of the Honda Insight.  The Prius was introduced in 1997 and since the launch of the third generation, it has taken over the first position in the highest sales of its units and it seems like it is here to stay for a long time to come, with its never ending waiting lists.

The Toyota Prius has won the highest award against its rival the Honda Insight at the New York Auto Show, and in Japan, has also been declared the Car of the Year 2010.  The car has a 37 HP electric motor running in the Atkinson cycle and an engine with a 99 HP running at 5,200 rpm with a 105 lb-ft at 4,000 torque.

One of the reasons attributed to its high sales is the tax breaks and the special subsidy given by the Japanese government for cars that are environmentally friendly.  Japanese customers also are leaning towards buying hybrid vehicles over the others, which is helping boost sales of the Toyota Prius.

There were some issues over quality with Toyota in Japan recalling almost 92,000 units of its Crown and Lexus models since October.  Some Prius units too were recalled for issues relating to braking software problems, sticking gas pedals and floor mats that were defective.  In spite of things looking bleak, Toyota is feeling optimistic with the high demand for the Prius and is looking forward to a long stint in the market for hybrid cars.

If you are looking for a new or used Toyota Prius, please get in touch with your requirements.  We feel it would be a great investment not only for yourself but for contributing to pollution free society.

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