Online Car Insurance Quotes

Online Car Insurance Quotes are Almost Instant

Buying a car is making a big investment for most people.  So, whether you have a new or used car, you would need a car insurance to protect your investment.  Car accidents are unexpected and the car damages are often very expensive to repair.  The best car insurance can protect your car from any inconvenience in case of an accident.  However, before buying a car insurance, you should compare car insurance quotes from various insurance companies, and select the one which provides the best protection within your budget.

online car insurance quotes


In the old days, you would need to visit the insurance company office and fill up lengthy forms, to get insurance quotes.  This process of getting the car insurance quotes used to be very time consuming.  However, these days you can use the Internet for research to get car insurance quotes online within minutes.  Comparing online car insurance quotes is by far the easiest and most convenient method to insure your car with the best car insurance company available in your area.  All it requires is a few clicks and you are on your way to getting the best insurance coverage for your car.

All the information you need about different kinds and functions of policies, the companies in your area offering insurance, state laws you were not aware of but certainly need to know and any other information relevant to car insurance, is now available to you on your computer.

Your choices on the net are unlimited as compared to the limit on choices offered by a company in your locality.  You do not need to be reliant on salesmen and commercial ads.  The features of the policy, company background, price range and terms and conditions are all visible to you even before you finalize on the company you are going to insure with.

It is no longer necessary to wait for insurance companies to respond or to stand in long queues to purchase car insurance.  Just a few clicks and all the information can be gathered by you instantly, sitting in the comfort of your home.  All it requires is the creation of a spreadsheet by filling in all the data you have gathered.  Looking up consumer reviews on the insurance companies offering car insurance in your area will also assist you in short listing and making your final decision on the company best suited for your requirements.

It used to be difficult in the past for buyers to select the type of car insurance policies on the basis of salesmen and marketing executives’ offers.  Consumers were always apprehensive wondering if they had taken the right decision.  It was too late to regret their decision when they found that the policy they had bought was not really suited to their needs.  But online information availability has made it much simpler to find the car insurance policy most applicable without having to depend on the opinion of others.

There are various options available for you to see and decide from.  Making a proper study of the state laws regarding car insurance, of the car insurance companies and of the various types of policies they offer and the sub-clauses and terms and conditions will help you arrive at a studied and intelligent decision to buy.  By going for online car insurance quotes, you will congratulate yourself on making the best choice.

Subaru launches Impreza WRX STI Spec C

Subaru launches Impreza WRX STI Spec C in Japan

Subaru Tecnica International recently announced special specifications versions Impreza WRX STI tS and WRX STI A-Line tS only for the Japanese Market.  These two vehicles by Subaru are based on 4-door WRX STI and WRX STI A-Line respectively with unique heavy duty features.  Toray Industries Inc. and Fuji Heavy Industries jointly introduced two tS model in last six months.  This is the first time they have adopted mass production vehicle for Subaru.  These two new special editions by Subaru come with performance upgrades.

The WRX STI A-Line tS and the WRX STI tS models are STI’s complete cars which gives drivers total pleasure to drive it and to own such model.  This version comes with light weight components, including an aluminum hood and carbon roof to get both performance enhancements and weight reduction.  The vehicle adopts STI’s unique specification equipment for interior, exterior, and strengthened underbody chassis.

The Spec C obtains a stronger, bigger front suspension and the rear obtains a conventional mechanical limited-slip.  The tS editions are equipped with parts which includes add-on element for front bumper, push engine switch, special tuned coil Springs, flexible rear suspension link and flexible rear support, side sill plates of tS logos, “tS” logo on steering wheel, 18-inch lighter alloy rims, flexible front Tower Bar, special tS rear and front ornaments, a STI-tweaked suspension and newly designed STI alloy wheel.  The interiors of tS models  are fitted with custom sill plates and Recaro seats.

The other specialty of tS edition is that it uses a twin-scroll 2.0 liter Boxer unit which is turbocharged and gives 308 hp.  It gives maximum torque of 430 Nm which make use of a five-speed manual gearbox.  Whereas the tS A-Line come with a single-scroll 2.5 liter turbocharged powerplant which uses five-speed automatic transmission and can produce 300 hp and 350 Nm of torque.  These two new editions of STI have aluminum hood, extremely proficient ball bearing turbocharger, lighter battery, laminar window glass, and retuned ECU.  The engineers have revised the fuel pump to give constant delivery and power steering’s oil flow also increased.  Engine performance and efficiency has enhanced by installed an intercooler water sprayer to cool intake air.

Subaru will produce 400 units of tS models with starting price of $56,488 for the STI tS and $50,463 for STI A-Line.  These models will be available throughout Japan from January 25, 2011 at Subaru dealerships.

At Shiotsu Autotrade, we also deal with used Subaru Sports cars.  Both Subaru Impreza WRX, and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI can be considered sports cars.  Even though both of them only have a 4-cylinder, 2.0 or a 2.5 Liter engine,  they both can deliver over 200 HP of power because of the turbo charger they are fitted with.  They are also much lighter than other sports cars, and come with four-wheel drive, which gives them a good advantage while racing.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon – January 14 to January 16, 2011

If you are a fan of performance cars and tuning, you should not miss the Japan’s biggest tuning event – Tokyo Auto Salon.  The next event will be held from January 14 to January 16, 2011 at Makuhari Messe – Nippon Convention Center, Chiba.  Over 600 vehicles will be on display in this world’s largest auto show.  Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 is great exposure to automobile fraternity.

tokyo auto salon

Tokyo Auto Salon is held annually for the last 24 years and is one of the oldest auto exhibitions in Japan.  It provides the Japanese car lovers with most recent happenings in Japanese automotive tuning.  It’s the best opportunity for auto manufacturers to display their featured vehicles or other products related to tuning.  This event provides an opportunity for auto lovers to know about all the newest models and auto parts for tuning purpose.  The first day morning is reserved exclusively for trade and press.  The show will be open to the general public on the weekend.

Nearly 300 companies, car manufacturers, automotive vocational schools associations, custom shops and manufacturers of after-market parts are expected to participate in this auto show.  Exhibition will include Tuning Exterior/Interior, Tuned Cars, Tune-Up Equipments &Facilities, Tuning Components etc.  The event will include not just car tuning products and custom cars but also Motorcycle, 4WD, Motor Sport, Telematics, Tire, Car Audios, Navigation, Chemical Components, Accessories etc.  The Tokyo Auto Salon will exhibit everything of importance to car lovers including custom car sales and customizing technology.

Tokyo Auto Salon is going to be an outstanding platform to create good business fortunes.  It’s a good opportunity for all exhibitors to present their systems to consumers.  Apart from this it’s going to be entertaining show with live entertainment by top musicians and talk shows hosting famous celebrities. There is going to a lot of fun for the auto lovers.

Nissan Motors will present nine innovative models with aftermarket parts at this 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon.  Nissan will have ‘Kids & Ladies Ride Event’ which will allow participants to experience the inside of racing car.  Apart from this their mechanics will be demonstrating techniques like changing racing car tire in their ‘Pitwork Simulation’.

The other main attraction of this event is models by Japanese tuner Varis.  The company does modifications and complete transformations with its design and performance for Japanese cars as well as European models.

Toyota will exhibit the Auris with TRD parts, the Auris GT Concept, FJ Cruiser’s MODELLISTA options and the Ractis (aka Verso-S).  Subaru will display Trezia’s STi version.

If you are planning to visit Japan in January 2011, don’t miss this great opportunity of witnessing the biggest auto event in the world.

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