Japanese Car Makers to Speed Up Production

Japan car makers to start hiring again

The devastating earthquake and the ferocious tsunami have left the car manufacturing industry shattered with acute shortage of auto parts.  If this were not enough, the backlog of orders has also increased manifold.  In order to solve all the problems and in an attempt to reach the original production capacity, giant car maker Toyota along with all the car manufacturing companies has decided to hire contract workers.  This definitely sounds reasonable as this would help the companies to reach their original production levels.

You would be amazed to know that Toyota is planning to hire a good four thousand workers at all its factories across Japan.  The company first aims to achieve its domestic target by the beginning of October.  Toyota has decided to start hiring the contract workers from the middle of July.  The hired workers would be working across all the factories throughout Japan. After almost a good one and a half years, Toyota will be again recruiting workers.  Toyota is mainly hiring these workers to work at the vehicle assembly section and the part manufacturing section.

Japanese car makers to hire contract workers to up production

Honda too is planning in a big way to recruit contract workers.  The basic idea is to recruit about one thousand workers and this definitely would help Honda to increase its output in the later part of the year.  Apart from this, Honda has also decided to renew the contracts of the present workers.  By July end, Nissan has also decided to increase its count of contract workers by two hundred across its five plants in Japan.

Although the giant automakers and all other Japanese car makers have decided to hire contract workers, the Japanese auto industry is cautious and uncertain.  Read more »

Toyota to Target One Million Sales

Toyota plans to return to 1 million sales this year

The massive earthquake that hit Japan this year in March halted the production of the Japanese automakers Toyota.  The company which is known for building 38 % cars in Japan as compared to 25 % of Honda and Nissan is all set to revive its pre-earthquake production level to 1 million cars in Europe.

The announcement was made by the officials of the Toyota automakers recently during a meet with their suppliers.  The earthquake and tsunami which damaged their plants of key parts in northeastern Japan disrupted their production to a great extent.  However, the most affected automobile company during the earthquake has made a rapid recovery to get back to its position.

With its quick come back Toyota shows its ability and spirit and promises to get back to their original level of sales production in Europe.  By returning to their original production level Toyota intends to wipe off the damage of 40, 000 units of its production lost in Europe as the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

Despite the economic crisis strike the whole European market last year, Toyota managed to sell 808,000 vehicles in Europe.  Toyota’ regional chief Didier Leroy said that the sales are going to be much higher this year.  The company spokesperson also informed that the company will get back to 90 % of its pre-quake sales level.  The automakers are returning faster to their estimated productions than anticipated.

However, production at Toyota is returning to pre-quake levels faster than the company anticipated, with output in June likely to reach 90 percent of pre-quake levels, a company spokesman confirmed last week.