Japan Auctions Useful Information

Useful information about Japanese Auctions

Everyone loves to buy quality products at auction sales and this thought must have definitely come to your mind.  You must try to purchase quality commodities at Japan auctions.  The range of products sold on Japanese auctions is immense and you can buy varied products such as gadgets, appliances, motorcycle parts and many more things. The auction prices at these Japanese auctions are generally much less than those offered at supermarkets and malls.

Buying goods at Japanese auctions

Although, you can buy products at a much lower price at the auctions, it is an uphill task.  You must take right steps while negotiating the price of products and it is not easy.  You must learn some useful tips from the information given below.

To make your job easy, you must visit the Yahoo Japan auction website which is very popular.  You can use this site for shopping online.  If you do not understand the Japanese language and still want to buy the products at Yahoo Japan auctions, then you must definitely visit Easy auction Japan (EAJ) website.  This site is specially designed for people living overseas and this site provides services in English language.  Everybody is welcome to visit and place their request on this site.  You can bid for any product of your choice and get it.

At Easy auction Japan, you can choose products from various categories and range.  Some of the popular categories are music, sports, motorcycle and car parts, hobbies, fashion, home appliances and computers.  At EAJ, you can bid in English and the items are delivered to your doorstep.  In order to sell your items and bid for products on EAJ, you first need to register an account with EAJ.  At EAJ, all the payments would be made through Paypal.

Once you finish buying a particular product, EAJ sees to it that the product reaches your house properly.  If you buy more than one item from different sellers or stores, EAJ will club these items together and pack them in a single box.  Then this box is sent to you.  By doing this, EAJ helps you to save money on shipping.

You can also buy plenty of products at eBay Japan where the details of the most famous items are given.  You also come to know about the various consumer choices and preferences.  This platform also provides you a great opportunity to start your own business.  You must definitely make use of this great opportunity.

To sum up, Japan auctions is the best place where you can sell and bid for items.  All this can be done in English language if you are residing outside Japan.  You also do not have to worry about shipping as the goods safely reach your doorstep.

Should you buy Cars at Yahoo or Ebay Japan Auctions?

However, you should exercise care when buying something expensive. Though PayPal offers you protection to a large degree, not every one is honest.  You should refrain buying used cars or motorcycles from these auction sites, because you will not know what you are buying. The sellers are not professional sellers. Also, they may not know the complications involved in shipping of motorcycles and cars.

Toyota Prius to Power Your Fridge

New Toyota Prius models to offer AC outlets for Home Appliances

The devastating earthquake which shook Japan has also resulted in widespread power crisis.  The Japanese households are the worst hit as they are not able to run their household appliances for their daily needs.  Toyota which is known for introducing its cars with innovative features has hit upon a novel idea.  The following year, Toyota is planning to introduce the Prius hybrid electric car which comes with a 1,500 watt AC power outlet.  The power derived from this electric car is sufficient to run your household appliances for a good two days.

toyota prius ac power

Toyota Prius – Power for your camping needs

The new Toyota Prius hybrid electric car will have an optional AC power point.  The batteries of the new hybrid electric car have enormous energy storage capacity.  The energy capacity of the batteries is so huge that it acts as a backup generator for your entire house.  Not only this, you can also derive power from the batteries when you are out on camping expeditions.  The power derived from the batteries of the new hybrid electric car is good enough to power a makeshift camp.  The batteries of the new Toyota Prius car model can deliver power up to 1500 watts and that too constantly.  If the gas tank is full, you will get unlimited supply of power for two days.

Toyota also conducted a demonstration wherein the Prius hatchback powered the household electric appliances like desk lamp, fan, hotpot and refrigerator.  This is definitely a great boon for Japanese households affected due to power crisis.  An onboard inverter has also been fitted to the Toyota Prius to change the current from DC in the batteries to AC.  This is because the household electric appliances run on AC current.

The huge energy storage capacity of the batteries of the new hybrid model is sufficient to power large appliances like microwaves and fridges.  Due to different regulations and voltage requirements, this new technology of Toyota Prius hybrid electric car model would be available only in Japan in the initial stages.  But all this has definitely caught the imagination of the individuals world over.

Toyota Prius – Source of Power in Emergencies

The Gulf coast is a great market for Toyota Prius hybrid electric cars as these places are constantly hit by hurricanes and it takes days for restoring power.  Using the car battery as backup for your entire house or using it to power your household appliances is a great way of running the household chores when there is power shortage.  In the next few years, Toyota has also decided to introduce this power backup option in its American cars.  Definitely, the proud car owners would feel overjoyed at this great development.

Google street view cars to help Post-Quake Japan

Google deploys street view cars in earthquake hit Japan

Japan was rattled by earthquake and later hit by the ferocious tsunami in March this year.  The fury of these two natural calamities led to widespread loss of property, human lives and displaced thousands of people.  People began to panic on not being able to locate their near and dear ones.  The extent of the damage was so huge that several towns and cities were completely destroyed.  It was not humanly possible to gauge the extent of damage to human lives and property.  Google is now helping the people of Japan in the quake hit areas with rebuilding efforts with their street view cars .

In order to help Japan and the people at large, Google began to deploy street view cars.  The street view car is fitted with nine cameras on its top for the sole purpose of clicking digital images.  These hi-tech cameras can capture the 360 degree panoramic view of the earthquake hit areas.  One of the worst earthquake hit areas in Japan is Kessennuma and the Google street view cars have been deployed on the streets of Kesennuma.  Apart from the earthquake ravaged Kesennuma, the street view car is also being deployed in other earthquake hit towns of Japan.

The street view cars would not only help to ascertain the damage caused due to earthquake but it would also help in monitoring the reconstruction work. Initially, the Japanese people looked at street view cars with great apprehension.  The Japanese people by nature are very private people and do not entertain any intrusion in to their private lives.  The street view cars can capture almost any kind of detail.  In fact, the street view cars were allowed to ply only after they removed all the detailed images and replaced them with less detailed ones. Read more »