2012 Honda Civic Review

Review of 2012 Honda Civic

The recently launched all-new, re-designed Honda Civic 2012 though more or less similar in shape to the earlier one, has subtle changes such as sculpted bumpers, a longer hood, and bigger tail lights, all of which give it a more conventional look. But best of all, it has better fuel economy thanks to different weight reducing measures and aerodynamic designing. Honda maintains that the new Civic has a reduced coefficient of drag mainly due to the styling modifications, a flat underbody, and a smaller grille opening.

2012 honda civic

The Honda Civic 2012 comes in both sedan and coupe styles and comprises five variants –Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe; Civic Si Sedan and Civic Si Coupe; Civic HF; Civic  Hybrid; and the soon to be released Civic GX which will be a Natural Gas Vehicle. The cars will be available in DX, LX, EX, and EX-L trim levels.

Honda has made some structural changes in the Civic 2012. The front A-pillars have been moved forward while the rear C-pillars have been moved backwards. The new Civic is a little more spacious. The interior passenger volume is increased to a maximum of 94.7 cubic feet, with more room in the shoulder, front and the rear hip, and the boot is also bigger. However, the earlier two-tiered instrument panel has been retained with the digital speedometer placed above the analog tachometer. Another feature that has also been retained is the five-speed automatic transmission. All variants have electronic power steering and also a better vehicle stability system that includes electronic brake distribution, anti-lock brakes, and brake assist. Where safety is concerned, the 2012 Civic has six airbags which include the front pair, the front-seat-mounted side-impact bags and the side curtain airbags. The seats have front-active headrests that move forward in the event of rear-end collisions.

Except for the Civic Si and the Civic hybrid, all the new Civic sedans and coupes have a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that can produce 140 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque. The engine’s i-VTEC valve control system delivers the performance of a larger engine while at the same time offering the fuel economy of a smaller engine.

Honda’s performance oriented sport compacts, the Civic Si coupe and sedan, both feature a 2.4-L engine producing 200 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque, and have a sport-tuned suspension. The engine is connected to a new six-speed manual transmission, enabling the Si to give 22 mpg on city roads and 31 mpg on highways. Read more »

Toyota debuts new car models at Frankfurt motor show

Toyota unveils new car models at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The Frankfurt motor show 2011 truly belonged to Toyota, with Toyota introducing one car model after another.  The motor show clearly belonged to the Prius cars as their hybrid models stole the show.  The new model of Avensis was also introduced.  The new model of Prius 2012 displayed some remarkable features.  It looked as if the new Prius model has definitely received a facelift.

toyota prius franfurt motor show

A few minor, yet classic changes were clearly visible in the interior and exterior of the new Prius model.  The front bumper adorned a new changed look and the lower grille has been enlarged.  The headlamps look majestic sporting clear and new lens.  The configuration of lamps is based on the updated and new LED technology.  In order to facilitate daytime visibility, the bumper has also been fitted with daytime lamps.  The mirrors on the door have a power folding facility and the elegant taillight have undergone a huge transformation.  The wheels of the new hybrid models are made up of fresh alloy.

New Toyota Prius Models at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The new Prius model now displays a dazzling interior with an attractive color combined with other great facilities.  The interior of the car now sports a new rich black color compared to the dark grey in previous models.  The interior of the car is also adorned with attractive upholsteries and graceful silver inserts.  The color of the button which is used to start the car has also been changed to blue.  The design of the center console has also been greatly revised.  There is a marked change in the information display which now will project information in a three dimensional way.

At the Frankfurt show, the Prius Plug in Hybrid and Prius V were also displayed by Toyota.  The Plug in Hybrid model is accompanied with state of the art features and one of the best hybrid models based on Synergy Drive phenomenon.  Read more »

Honda to develop ‘kei’ small cars in Japan

Honda to target small car market in Japan and worldwide

Takanobu Ito, Chief Executive Honda Motor Co. Ltd.  recently announced Honda’s plans to increase the proportion of its very small cars, called kei cars, in the company’s total output from 25% to 40% within the next five years.  Honda also wants to leverage its expertise in building small cars in Japan to build similar light cars in European countries and emerging markets.

honda brio small car

Honda believes that the small car business would guarantee Honda’s future growth.  That is, the company would be able to maintain its business in Japan, while at the same time ensure its future success in the global market too.  However, Honda will focus on developing its kei car business in Japan first, while also making efforts to boost sales of bigger car models such as the Civic and Jazz in overseas markets before moving on to its kei cars there maybe within 10 years.

At present, sales of small cars having small engines that are sized 660 cc or less and get special tax benefits in Japan, comprise a little below 40 % of Honda’s domestic market. The kei car owners are currently eligible for availing of different types of benefits such as discounts on insurance, car tax, and parking fees.  Honda expects to increase the sales of its kei cars to 45 % within the next 10 years.

As a direct consequence of regulatory pressures on manufacturers to build cleaner cars and the introduction of new tax incentives for inducing more consumers to buy them, very small cars, often referred to as the “A” segment, played a prominent role in this year’s Frankfurt auto show.  Germany’s Volkswagen had unveiled its very small city car, the Up! from which it has plans for building a new line of models.

Compared to VW’s small cars presented at the Frankfurt auto show, most of the kei cars on Japanese roads are much smaller. Honda would be studying how small cars are used in countries overseas. For instance, Honda might increase its kei cars’ length for foreign markets, for factors like the physical size of passengers differs from country to country.  Also, for European countries where people drive at high speeds on highways, Honda might need to modify the 660 cc size of small car engines.

If Honda masters the technology of developing kei cars in its home country Japan, then when it enters into the ‘A’ category market in Europe Read more »