Mitsubishi’s Futuristic Car Interface EMIRAI

EMIRAI : Futuristic Car Interface from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi exhibited their brand new concept, the EMIRAI at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show that ended recently. Smart Cars and Concept Automobiles have been around since quite some time.  When you think of Concept Automobiles, vehicles that are equipped with every little thing like air conditioners using solar power as well as many LED Displays and devices may come to your mind.  However, Mitsubishi’s Car Interface EMIRAI has gone a step ahead.  It has brought to life an all new Dashboard using its brand new concept and smart engineering.

Till now, we have only come across tiny displays embedded in the dashboard in style of LCD panels.  But the EMIRAI shows what you can expect from a car in ten years time.  Mitsubishi’s EMIRAI comes with a dashboard along with curved display employing the rear projection technology.  Actually the most exciting and fascinating part of this vehicle is the fact that the display dashboard which offers rear projection sustains touch inputs pertaining to its several operations.

Amazing features of Mitsubishi EMIRAI

Mitsubishi’s EMIRAI boasts of many amazing features that make it stand out among the futuristic smart cars.  The vehicle is based on the concept of biometric interface. This advanced concept may turn out to be one of the most appealing features of next generation of concept automobiles in the next decade.  The car’s steering wheel possesses an innovative interface equipped with buttons that change form and which are designed to be elevated making just the necessary control buttons functional whilst keeping the remaining buttons retracted.  A few controls for the display may also be controlled by simply sliding fingertips above the elevated switches rendering it easier for use because they can be handled while not actually looking at them. Read more »

How to Detect Odometer Tampering?

How to look for signs of Odometer Tampering?

If you are planning to buy a used car or truck, one thing you should look out for is odometer tampering. Often, people try to increase the car’s resale value by tampering the Odometer. There are different means by which fraudsters alter the Analog or Digital Odometer to hide facts regarding car’s mileage. Anyway, there are ways and means to detect and find out if there has been any foul play.  Here are a few tips you may follow to identify any tampering in Analog or Digital Odometer.

Tips to detect Odometer Tampering

Analog Odometer Tampering Signs:

Relatively older Used Cars will possess an Analog Odometer. Here are the signs you should look for in Analog Odometers:

  • Check whether you see any misaligned digits. Check closely for numbers of larger denomination.
  • Check if there are any screws missing in the dashboard near the gauge cluster
  • Check whether the dashboard is used or whether it is new. Check whether the instrument panel has been replaced.

Digital Odometer Tampering Signs:

Most modern vehicles possess a Digital Odometer. Here are a few signs which will reveal to you digital tampering.

  • Examine car tires with regard to wear and tear, if the four tires match one another as well as the original company sales specifications.
  •  Inspect the seat, gas pedal, brake pedal and upholstery deterioration.
  •  Conduct an automobile history report which reveals the automobile’s paper trail since it pertains to odometer issues, accidents, title brand as well as frame damage.
  •  Conduct an engine as well as transmission fluid analysis. Experts examine the fluid by parts-per-million, evaluating data comparing with original maker’s specifications to determine how the car was maintained.
  •  By carrying out these inspections, you can determine if an automobile’s engine or transmission parts have been raced, overheated, filled with additives to conceal mechanical issues or flooded. Read more »

Choosing the right Engine Oil for Car or Truck

How to choose the right Engine Oil for your car or truck?

Just about every vehicle’s engine needs motor oil for it to operate properly.  With no motor oil, the automobile will be unable to deliver the full overall performance which it has been manufactured to give.  That is why it is essential that the vehicle is filled with the proper motor oil regularly.  Engine oils are available in many varied forms.  When speaking of forms, there are specific scopes which engine oils are available in.  Altogether you will find typically four or five variations.  Your selection of which scope engine oil and which size you select will entirely depend on the car that you are using.

Not all engine oils are the same. The various types of engine oil available in the market are designed for different purposes.   Are you wondering which engine oil to use?  How often to change the oil? Whether to use oil additives? Whether to go for synthetic oil? Here we will discuss tips for selecting the right engine oil for your car or truck.

right engine oil for car

How to select Engine Oil for the Car?

There are various factors which decide which Engine Oil will suit your car.  Once you ascertain that these specifications are met, you can be sure that you have got the right Engine Oil which is compatible with your vehicle.  Here are a few major factors that affect the selection of the Engine Oil.

1. Oil Viscosity

Multi-viscosity motor oils engineered a long time back imply you don’t need to bother about making use of diverse oils for summer and winter. Read more »