Hino Trucks tops in J.D. Power Satisfaction Survey

Hino Trucks Rank Highest in Medium Duty Trucks

Medium duty Hino trucks topped in J.D. Power and Associates ratings based on consumer satisfaction in their Medium Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study of 2010.  Based on the research conducted, Hino Trucks positions top in consumer satisfaction with its range of standard medium-duty engines (4 years successively) and in addition ranks top in consumer satisfaction amongst standard medium duty trucks for 2 years running.  Reliability and quality are definitely the most crucial elements of total satisfaction of truck owners.

Currently the truck engine study is in the fourth year, assessed customer views of 2010 model-year Class 5, 6 and 7 trucks designed with both diesel and gasoline engines by considering eight distinctive aspects: engine dependability/reliability; easy access for maintenance or service; acceleration when vehicle is fully loaded, maintenance of speed on grades; vibration at idle, control module (ECM); average fuel economy and engine warranty.

Hino Trucks Rank Highest in Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Study which is currently in the nineteenth year, evaluates customer views of 2010 model-year Class 5, 6 and 7 standard commercial trucks.  Six aspects in the product index are employed to figure out overall satisfaction: warranty, engine; cost of operation; ride/handling/braking, cab and body; and transmission.  The analysis even gauges satisfaction with services obtained from a certified truck dealer.  Six factors are measured to arrive at the customer satisfaction index: service quality, service facility; service initiation, service advisor; service price and service delivery. Hino trucks scored the highest in all these factors. Read more »

Toyota Prius Japan top selling car for third year

Toyota Prius – Japan’s Top Selling Car for the Third Year

Toyota Prius hybrid car was Japan’s top selling car of 2011 for the third consecutive year showing that government’s efforts and encouragement might now be bearing fruit.  Despite a sluggish auto market, sales of ecological car models went up remarkably last year.

In the year 2011, the sales of Toyota Motor Corp’s Toyota Prius totaled to 252,528 cars as revealed by Japan Automobile Dealers Association.  The Japanese rival Honda Motor Co’s Fit Subcompact Cars, which are also hybrid cars, ranked second in sales. The tax breaks and government backed incentives could be responsible for the increased sales of these hybrid car models.

toyota prius sales

Toyota Prius Popularity:

The Toyota Prius basically comes in two unique versions: Toyota Hybrid and Toyota Plug-in Hybrid.  The Toyota Prius Hybrid is sold in four different trim levels: Two, Three, Four and Five.  The Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid comes in two unique trims: Toyota Prius Plug-in Standard and Toyota Prius Plug-in Advanced.  Though a few entertainment features have altered for the new model, the Prius didn’t undergo any drastic changes.

Toyota Prius Fuel Economy and Performance:

Toyota Prius offers a great fuel economy.  If you really wish to conserve fuel, you will be happy to know that the Toyota Prius is among the best fuel efficient cars. You will enjoy the comfortable ride offered by Toyota Prius.  The mushy brakes and soft suspension may however displease you.  The  Prius Plug-in is very similar to the original Prius.

Both models of Toyota Prius produce 98 horsepower and come with a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine. Both the models are equipped with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).  The front wheel drive Prius saves fuel by shutting off engine when you stop the vehicle.

Toyota Prius Features:

The Toyota Prius is easily recognizable from far as it has an iconic look.  The two models of Toyota Prius are full of amazing high-tech features which includes a USB Port and Bluetooth. Read more »

How to charge a Car Battery?

Tips for changing your car battery

In today’s life, cars have become prime necessities.  Every day life greatly relies on the cars to journey everywhere.  The cars need to be serviced properly to provide us an exceptional performance.  The Car battery needs to be charged on a timely basis so that it stays in good condition.  There are numerous methods to charge the battery of your car.  You should know the various ways to get the battery of your car charged.

Here are the four common ways to charge a car battery:

1. Regular use of your Car

You may be surprised to know that your car usually charges its battery when it is running. All cars have an alternator which produces electricity every time the automobile is on the move as a belt links a pulley on the flywheel to a pulley on the alternator.  In case your car battery perishes when you are driving along then the alternator might not be generating electric power to charge the battery of your car. In case you have an automobile which has a manual transmission, you might be able to push start the vehicle to have it running.  Driving a car about half an hour ought to charge the car’s battery enough to get it back to normal.  So as to preserve electricity, attempt to switch off any electrical devices that you don’t need, like lights and radios. It will help to direct as much power into the car battery as possible.

2. Automotive Battery Charger

Battery chargers connect into a standard 110 volt domestic electric outlet, and then they charge your car battery when it is not linked to your car.  Read more »