Mitsubishi eyes global Small Car Market

Mitsubishi targets Small Car Market Worldwide

Mitsubishi Motors might be the next automaker to join the budding small car market.  Mitsubishi is considering a  brand new model called ‘Mirage’  for the Thailand and Indian market.  The ECOCAR Mirage will go on sale next month in Thailand, powered by a 1.2-litre engine.  Mitsubishi is currently targeting the global Small Car Market in countries like Thailand and India.

Mitsubishi will launch the small car Mirage in Thailand this month and later on in India.  Mitsubishi might set up a presence within the Indian market by itself and may launch the small car in India also all by itself.  The company has clarified that it might seek alternative partners or might even head out solo.

Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing Hub in India

Mitsubishi Motors is thinking about establishing additional facilities in India and Southeast Asia.  The firm is also considering introducing smaller sedans.  Mitsubishi Motors  intends to join compatriots Suzuki Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Limited in generating a worldwide hub to manufacture small cars in India.  It is studying the chance of doing business in India by itself and starting off by producing ECOCAR Mirage, its 1.2-litre small car.   Read more »

Hino Trucks introduces web-based ‘Hino Insight’ solution

Hino Insight – Wireless Web Based Fleet Management

Hino Trucks has joined WebTech Wireless to introduce  Hino Insight, a web based, wireless fleet management telematics solution which offers various tools required for fleet management. It is really an amazing fleet management telematics solution that gives the tools necessary to reduce overall operating costs and also enhances client satisfaction.

Since the communication and vehicle technologies are developing at a real fast rate, users expect a more secure, safe and entertaining telematics solution.  Hino intends to provide precisely this with its new INSIGHT.

Hino Truck Insight named among Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top 20 new products

Hino Trucks’ INSIGHT which is essentially the most highly developed web-based location and telematics solution within the medium duty commercial truck industry, is named one of the Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top 20 new products of 2011.

This announcement is actually a significant achievement for Hino Trucks, since countless other products were viewed and graded by editors from Heavy Duty Trucking 2011 Truck Fleet Innovators, and a group of experienced fleet maintenance professionals belonging to the ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council. Hino Trucks has joined hands with WebTech Wireless in a shared mission to make this world a better place to reside by assisting people as well as goods reach Read more »

Japanese car companies 1 year after tsunami

Japan Automakers are back after a Disaster

This March 11 marks one year after the tragic calamity at Japan. One year after the tsunami and earthquake that ruined northeastern Japan, the nation’s auto manufacturers seem to be back and in full form after the disaster. It is taking benefit of the rebound within the American auto industry and also at other locations. All great automakers of Japan like Nissan, Toyota and Honda are now back in form performing as good as before. If the US automobile industry has learnt anything from the tsunami in Japan, it’s this one lesson: be prepared. Yet it is not all smooth cruising for Japan Inc. and its car manufacturers. Even now there are huge risks from evergreen problems like the strong yen.

At Nissan, the quake had crushed auto fabrication to a complete halt, left massive cracks on a prime factory location and murdered five workers and 17 of their relatives. It is a tale of astonishing recovery of all Japanese automakers, but specifically Nissan. The producer of the March subcompact and also Infiniti luxury models enjoyed a record sales year of 4.67 million autos in the year 2011. This was up 14 % from the past year. By May last year, Nissan Motor Co.’s Iwaki plant in Fukushima Prefecture, ravaged by the tragedy which killed over 19,000 people, had been nearly fully restored to complete operations. This definitely is a remarkable recovery.

Japanese Car Makers a Year after Quake – Lessons learned

Toyota Motor Corp., yet another key player in the Japanese auto industry initially had anticipated losing production of two million autos Read more »