Fuel Efficient Cars of 2011

Fuel Efficient Cars from Japan

With the ever increasing gasoline prices, the expenses of possessing and maintaining a vehicle is escalating speedily every single year.  In the year 2011, gas prices were already strongly over $3 per gallon and experts are forecasting prices to go above $4 per gallon by summer.  For several years the automobile world has been striving to come up with the finest remedy for the issue of fuel efficiency. And, Japanese auto makers are leading in the race to deliver cars with high fuel economy.

Fuel prices are continually increasing heading through the roof worldwide.  As gas and oil are limited resources, they have even had an influence on the frame of mind of the auto world as they don’t want such resources to get used up.  So which automobiles deliver the maximum from your fuel?  Which are the most fuel efficient cars of 2011?

As per research, motorists are transforming their driving habits to deal with rising costs.  The tactic employed by automobile manufacturers during the 1980’s and 1990’s had been to decrease the engine capacity and size so the cars don’t take in a great deal of fuel.  The current trend is different.  In the recent times and focus moved towards employing electric power.  Either ways, people are laying more attention on saving fuel as these resources are limited.

Hybrid Cars from Japan

Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid

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