Hino to debut Cab Over Hybrid Trucks in U.S

Hino to launch Class-5 Cab Over Hybrid Trucks in U.S. A.

Hino Trucks is the trucks division of Toyota Group Company. This divison of Toyota, manufactures, deal as well as provide services for class 4 to 7 trucks.  Hino has more than 180 dealers throughout US and is becoming one of the prominent medium truck brands in the country.  Hino trucks will be launching two diesel-electric hybrid truck models, namely Class 5 195 and COE 195h in the United States of America, this August.  The models that will be available are 195 diesel  truck and 195h diesel electric hybrid in the medium truck category.

hino diesel electric hybrid truck

The GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight of these trucks is 19,500 and they features 440 lb ft torque. These trucks can produce 210 horsepower with its J05E engine series with 5.0 liter capacity.

These cab over trucks from Hino are designed specifically for North American standards. The Class- 5 195 truck models will be available in diesel as well as electric diesel hybrid versions. Read more »

Importing Used Japanese Vehicles into Bangladesh

Best ways to Import Used Cars from Japan into Bangladesh

The relations between Bangladesh and Japan have been good since the 1971 Bangladesh Independence movement, as Japan supported Bangladesh for getting independence.  Ever since, there have been good trade relations too between Japan and Bangladesh.  Japanese Used Cars have a great demand in Bangladesh.  Even though the transportation expenses are high, yet Japanese Used Cars are reliable and hence are in great demand in foreign markets like Bangladesh.  The demand for the used automobiles is slowly growing in Bangladesh. But before you choose to purchase a Japanese used car, you must know the basic rules and regulations to import used vehicles in Bangladesh.

used japanese cars bangladesh

Rules for importing Used Automobiles into Bangladesh

There are several rules which govern the import of foreign vehicle into Bangladesh. Here we state the major rules which will help you:

  1. In Bangladesh, import of vehicles older than four years is not legally permitted.
  2. You need to submit a certificate from Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) which includes the model number, age, make and chassis no. of the Used Vehicle which are submitted to the customs authority.
  3. You can import used vehicle only from its country of origin.

Customs valuation done in Bangladesh

Customs valuation of imported vehicles is done to assess and realize the customs duty. The customs valuation is based on normal value concept. CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) is used to assess the custom duties. Customs Authorities collect the duties.

Duties applicable in Bangladesh for used cars

  1. Custom Duty rates fall in the range 0.0-40.0%.
  2. There will be an additional 15% Trade Neutral value-added tax applied. Read more »