Import Japanese Used Cars from Japan to Kenya

How to import Japanese Used Vehicles from Japan to Kenya?

Kenya imports a lot of used cars, trucks and other vehicles and auto spares from Japan each year.  Kenya is a great market for the Japanese Used Cars.  Japanese used cars are preferred in Kenya because they are reliable and cost-effective. There is a great demand for low fuel consuming models by Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Honda and Suzuki.  Japanese Used vehicles are sold every year in Kenya to users as well as dealers.  A few Japanese used car exporters have their agents in Kenya too. The agents help to sell the automobiles directly to the users.

The Kenyan Government has now started putting some restrictions on the Japanese Used Car import. This is to ensure that no faulty vehicles enter the Kenyan auto markets. There are certain fixed rules which the importer needs to follow if he wishes to import any vehicle from Japan. The importing regulations have been set up by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Importing rules and regulations by Kenya Bureau of Standards

  • The vehicle you import should not be more than 8 years old calculating from the first year of its registration.
  • The vehicle you import to Kenya must compulsorily be a right hand drive vehicle (RHD). Exceptions are made only in the case of fire engines and ambulance.
  • Before being shipped to Kenya, the vehicle must be inspected by Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre (JEVIC).
  • You cannot ship any cargo inside the car you are importing. If you wish to import spare parts for the vehicle you are importing, you will have to make separate arrangement for the same.
  • When the vehicle reaches the Kenyan port you will have to present documents like the Bill of Landing, Invoice, Insurance Policy and Vehicles Export Certificate.

How to avoid rejection of Imports Upon inspection For Quality?

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