Toyota Regains Title of Biggest Automaker

Toyoya is World’s Biggest Automaker Again

Last year Toyota had lost the number one position to General Motors.  But now it is set to reclaim the crown as the world’s largest automaker for 2012.  Volkswagen and GM will be competing for second place.

Having sold 80 million trucks and cars for the first time, the auto industry is projected to pull off record global sales for 2012. The creditable performance by Japan and the US has offset the economic downturn in Europe. After rebounding from the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, Toyota is ready to grab the top rank from GM. With their sales figures differing by below one percent, the fight for the second place between GM and Volkswagen will be a tough one.

Currently, in the really close three-horse race, the leading players are swirling around and inter-changing places rapidly. All three of them have gained from the strong US light-vehicle market that is moving towards a third consecutive profit-making year after the collapse of 2009 and the industry bailout. But next year, American sales are expected to increase again, matching the lengthiest string ever since the close of World War II.  Due to the large size of the American market, when the US reaches double-digit growth, this drives the rest of the world. Read more »