Mitsubishi Fuso Buses with Active Mitigation Brake

Fuso Introduces Active Mitigation Brake in Buses to Prevent Collisions

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation, Japan, has unveiled their new tourist buses which will sense a potential crash.  Mitsubishi, one of the top bus and truck maker from Japan, will launch Aero Ace and Aero Queen tourist buses which will have latest safety technology, that uses its new Active Mitigation Brake system to ward off collisions.  Mitsubishi Fuso’s 2013 model will be incorporated with autonomous technology in braking system giving more safety to vehicle and driver.  Now, we are heading towards the era where vehicle will drive itself.  Fuso has proved by introducing these technologies in their vehicles that they are committed to enhance overall safety to protect drivers, on-board passengers and surrounded traffic.

mitsubishi fuso aero bus

Aero Ace and Aero Queen tourist buses will incorporate Active Mitigation Brake, Brake Override System, MDAS-III system and Anti-Spin Regulator. The latest braking system and the existing MDAS-III will sense and learn driving habits of driver in the initial 15 minutes and will send alerts to the driver if it suspects that the driver is not attentive to the road. The Active Mitigation Brake is a dynamic technology which slows down the bus by automatically applying the brake when it senses a possible collision.

Active Mitigation Brake in Fuso Buses

The AMB or Active Mitigation Brake is safety technologies which slow downs the bus with automatic breaks in case of likely collision. Read more »