Japanese Automakers Post Record Sales for 2012

Toyota, Honda, Nissan Post Record Sales in 2012

Three biggest auto manufacturers from Japan – Toyota, Honda and Nissan have posted their record sales for last year 2012. And as per the results, Toyota won the crown of being world’s biggest automaker.  In 2011, Toyota’s production and sales was hammered by the tsunami-quake disaster. However the company was successful in regaining the lost crown as the world’s biggest automaker to GM, who is leading automaker in China and US market. Toyota who is a clear leader in Japan auto market increased sales by 35% from 2011 and won a sales title for 2012.

toyota nissan honda sales

Toyota’s vehicle production was 9.90 million which is increased by 26.1 %. And, the company sold 9.75 million autos in 2012 and the sales increased by 22.6 %. Nissan produced 4.88 million vehicles which is actually a 5.5 % increase in production in the year 2012. Nissan also recorded sales of 4.94 million vehicles with 5.8 % rise. Honda saw 3.81 million rise in sales, their sales was about 3.09 million in 2011. Honda has lot of expectations from Plug-in hybrid which was displayed at the North American International Auto Show 2013. Toyota aims to be number one in brand loyalty too and not number one in sales volume.

Japanese Auto Industry – Post Earthquake and Tsunami in 2012

The Japanese automakers were affected by the natural disasters in country in 2011. They were also affected by the Thailand flood as they have their production plants in Thailand. However, the trio succeeded in regaining the sales in the year 2012. The sales result also highlights the strong demand for Japanese vehicles in US and Asian auto market. Read more »