Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Pros and Cons of Owning an Electric Vehicle

Emission of fossil fuel gases causes harm to environment. Increase in climate change, global warming and the cost of fuels have made it necessary to think about another option to fuel cars.  Electric car is the solution to overcome this problem. Electric cars are constantly in the news these days because of their advantages, but they are not yet very popular because of their high prices.

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Electric car prices are coming down these days as many car manufacturers are pushing their electric vehicle models in the market. So, should we get on the bandwagon for electric cars, or just be satisfied with our traditional gasoline based car?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric car? Just have a look at these pros and cons modern of electric cars, so that you can make an informed decision in buying your next car.

Pros of owning electric cars

Electric Cars are not Dependent on Fossil Fuels

You don’t need to use fossil fuels for your day to day travel. The engine of electric cars runs with the power from rechargeable battery. You can just plug in the battery and get it charged.

Electric Cars Help to Save the Environment

As experts say, about one-third of harmful gases come from vehicles on road. You can reduce greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere not owning such vehicles. Instead, you can utilize the electricity to charge the battery coming from burning coal. You can reduce emission of harmful gases, like carbon dioxide, by using electric cars. Read more »

Honda’s New Cars for Chinese Market

Honda Plans New Cars for Chinese Automobile Market

Honda Motor co recently unveiled their new lineup in Shanghai auto show. The new model includes the Jade, the Crider sedan, an avant-garde sedan and the Concept M MPV. These models are specially designed for the fast growing Chinese automobile market. These models are neither hybrid nor of electric category.

What type of cars Chinese customers prefer?

Honda has lot of expectations from their hybrid technology. However, it is seen that Chinese car buyers don’t care much for hybrid cars. Chinese consumers prefer the cars which are best suitable for their needs. Chinese customers buy high quality cars that have looks and are available at affordable price. Chinese auto buyers are not yet ready for the concept of Hybrid cars. That’s why Honda is revamping its conventional car models to suit the needs of Chinese customers.

Joint venture Guangqi Honda will produce the 1.8 ltr Crider and it will available for sale in the month of June. Guangqi Honda will also launch its wholly owned brand Everus S1 in May 2013. Read more »

High Fuel efficiency of Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max Sets High Fuel Efficiency Record

Nowadays auto manufacturers mainly aim at fuel efficiency as the oil prices are increasing day by day.  Isuzu Trucks Philippines has recently proved fuel efficiency of their D-Max SUVs at Manila rally.  Isuzu’s current engines generation had proved the company’s tradition of dependability, longevity and fuel efficiency.

The challenge taken by IPC was to test that if this vehicle can run with highest speed of 80 km/hr during the day. There was a verifier and navigator on the board along with one driver to test this challenge. The challenge of fuel economy was started in 2002.  The Isuzu Challenge meant to test Isuzu vehicle’s mileage efficiency particularly for their sales in Philippines.  The fuel efficiency recorded in that year was 36.48 km per liter for which the vehicle covered the distance of 89-km between Nasugbu to Alabang in Batangas. Read more »