Kei Cars for India and Indonesia

Japanese automakers eye Minicar market in India and Indonesia

The kei cars or minicars make up almost half of the Japan’s domestic car sales, though in other parts of the world it is the big cars that generally people go for. After the world war II, minicars provided inexpensive transport facilities. The crowded and narrow roads in Japan are also responsible for rise in popularity of these kei cars in Japan’s domestic market. But the concept of these kei cars – meaning light cars in Japanese – is almost unknown outside Japan. The situation could change now; as Japan’s top automakers are now willing to export the kei car technology to growing markets like Indonesia and India.

As fuel prices soar, these Japanese minicars can be a boon to customers in India and Indonesia. Rising fuel costs in the world’s 2nd and 4th most populous countries and a rapidly growing middle class make these countries an ideal market for minicars.

kei car japan

Kei Cars for Overseas Markets

The competition in the minicar market is fierce. Japan’s third ranked auto maker, Honda, No.3 automaker from Japan,  well known for its Accord and Civic cars, is planning to enter global minicar market Read more »