Different Causes of Car Engine Trouble

What are different causes of Car Engine Trouble?

If your car engine is giving you trouble, it may be a horrible experience. It may be much expensive to rebuild or buy a new engine . And, if you have an older vehicle, then to repair your car engine will not be reasonable for you.  Wait! Don’t just get panic, or think about putting your car in scrap. There are ways to make your car engine work well, even if it is old. You should find out the reasons your car engine is giving trouble and you may find a solution that won’t cost much and it may be relatively easy to fix the problem.

car engine trouble

Indications of Car Engine Trouble

There is an indicator in your car that tells you if your engine is in trouble, but you don’t have to trust this indicator every time. This “Check Engine” light can lit even if the gas cap is not screwed on tightly. However, if you recognize weird smell or noise from your car engine, then it is sure that your car engine is in trouble. Read more »