Kei Cars for India and Indonesia

Japanese automakers eye Minicar market in India and Indonesia

The kei cars or minicars make up almost half of the Japan’s domestic car sales, though in other parts of the world it is the big cars that generally people go for. After the world war II, minicars provided inexpensive transport facilities. The crowded and narrow roads in Japan are also responsible for rise in popularity of these kei cars in Japan’s domestic market. But the concept of these kei cars – meaning light cars in Japanese – is almost unknown outside Japan. The situation could change now; as Japan’s top automakers are now willing to export the kei car technology to growing markets like Indonesia and India.

As fuel prices soar, these Japanese minicars can be a boon to customers in India and Indonesia. Rising fuel costs in the world’s 2nd and 4th most populous countries and a rapidly growing middle class make these countries an ideal market for minicars.

kei car japan

Kei Cars for Overseas Markets

The competition in the minicar market is fierce. Japan’s third ranked auto maker, Honda, No.3 automaker from Japan,  well known for its Accord and Civic cars, is planning to enter global minicar market Read more »

Japanese Vs Chinese Car Batteries

Car Battery – Japan vs China

Most of the vehicles are usually come with rechargeable batteries. The batteries which can be charged through electric power can be used for various purposes. Such rechargeable batteries are referred to as SLI batteries. SLI stands for ‘starting – lightening – ignition’. This technical term is enough to specify its functions and why these batteries are used in vehicles.

chinese vs japanese car battery

Nearly all SLI batteries use lead acid.  Batteries with lead acid are popular owing to their surge current capacity. SLI batteries are mostly used for generating high power within a short time. You need such high power when you want to start your car or ignite the engine. As soon as the engine is started, the alternator starts recharging the batteries. Thus, the load of head lights & other electronic tools gets shared.

Difference between Japanese and Chinese Car Battery

The leading countries that manufacturer such car batteries are Japan and China. However, there is lot of difference in quality and specifications of the batteries manufactured in these countries. If we look at the price comparison, we will find that car batteries from China are available at different prices. This is mainly because they focus on manufacturing a wide variety of batteries.

1. Car Batteries – Price Difference

The prices of batteries vary depending on their charge densities. If the battery‘s charge density is high then it can provide larger volume of battery power. Therefore, customers, who often face problems like battery failure, use batteries with high charge density.

You can find various Chinese brands of car batteries like FNG, Booster, Satis and Eastar that are available at low prices.  Whereas Japanese brands like Volta, POWERGOR, AGS and Koyosonic are popular for their durability & charge density. Read more »

Honda’s New Cars for Chinese Market

Honda Plans New Cars for Chinese Automobile Market

Honda Motor co recently unveiled their new lineup in Shanghai auto show. The new model includes the Jade, the Crider sedan, an avant-garde sedan and the Concept M MPV. These models are specially designed for the fast growing Chinese automobile market. These models are neither hybrid nor of electric category.

What type of cars Chinese customers prefer?

Honda has lot of expectations from their hybrid technology. However, it is seen that Chinese car buyers don’t care much for hybrid cars. Chinese consumers prefer the cars which are best suitable for their needs. Chinese customers buy high quality cars that have looks and are available at affordable price. Chinese auto buyers are not yet ready for the concept of Hybrid cars. That’s why Honda is revamping its conventional car models to suit the needs of Chinese customers.

Joint venture Guangqi Honda will produce the 1.8 ltr Crider and it will available for sale in the month of June. Guangqi Honda will also launch its wholly owned brand Everus S1 in May 2013. Read more »

High Fuel efficiency of Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max Sets High Fuel Efficiency Record

Nowadays auto manufacturers mainly aim at fuel efficiency as the oil prices are increasing day by day.  Isuzu Trucks Philippines has recently proved fuel efficiency of their D-Max SUVs at Manila rally.  Isuzu’s current engines generation had proved the company’s tradition of dependability, longevity and fuel efficiency.

The challenge taken by IPC was to test that if this vehicle can run with highest speed of 80 km/hr during the day. There was a verifier and navigator on the board along with one driver to test this challenge. The challenge of fuel economy was started in 2002.  The Isuzu Challenge meant to test Isuzu vehicle’s mileage efficiency particularly for their sales in Philippines.  The fuel efficiency recorded in that year was 36.48 km per liter for which the vehicle covered the distance of 89-km between Nasugbu to Alabang in Batangas. Read more »

Mitsubishi Clean Diesel Truck for Japan

Mitsubishi launches Delica D:5 Minivan in Japan

Mitsubishi Motors focused on green technology for their new models of minivans that they have introduced this year. Mitsubishi launched a clean diesel version of minivan called Delica D:5 in this month. Mitsubishi Motors aims to expand environmental friendly vehicles lineup. This plug-in category of hybrid model is an Outlander SUV which can be easily charged from your household power source. DELICA D:5 by Mitsubishi is actually a minivan of monobox type vehicle with combination  of user-friendly feature of minivan and the sturdiness of SUV’s.

Mitsubishi started manufacturing MPVs and Delica trucks since 1968. Actually “Delica” is a short form of delivery and car. This entire segment was produced at small quantity in 1967 and sold as pickups. The price of DELICA D:5 will be ranged between 3,419,000 yen to 3,934,000 yen.

Mitsubishi clean diesel: Delica D:5 Features

What are the special features of Mitsubishi’s minivan Delica D:5? It is comfortable for long journeys as well as trips within cities. Deica D:5 aims at safety, relaxation to passengers along with taking care of ecology. This minivan is specious and has enough room for eight persons along with comfortable foot space for 3rd row passengers as well as larger luggage capacity. Read more »

Japanese Automakers Post Record Sales for 2012

Toyota, Honda, Nissan Post Record Sales in 2012

Three biggest auto manufacturers from Japan – Toyota, Honda and Nissan have posted their record sales for last year 2012. And as per the results, Toyota won the crown of being world’s biggest automaker.  In 2011, Toyota’s production and sales was hammered by the tsunami-quake disaster. However the company was successful in regaining the lost crown as the world’s biggest automaker to GM, who is leading automaker in China and US market. Toyota who is a clear leader in Japan auto market increased sales by 35% from 2011 and won a sales title for 2012.

toyota nissan honda sales

Toyota’s vehicle production was 9.90 million which is increased by 26.1 %. And, the company sold 9.75 million autos in 2012 and the sales increased by 22.6 %. Nissan produced 4.88 million vehicles which is actually a 5.5 % increase in production in the year 2012. Nissan also recorded sales of 4.94 million vehicles with 5.8 % rise. Honda saw 3.81 million rise in sales, their sales was about 3.09 million in 2011. Honda has lot of expectations from Plug-in hybrid which was displayed at the North American International Auto Show 2013. Toyota aims to be number one in brand loyalty too and not number one in sales volume.

Japanese Auto Industry – Post Earthquake and Tsunami in 2012

The Japanese automakers were affected by the natural disasters in country in 2011. They were also affected by the Thailand flood as they have their production plants in Thailand. However, the trio succeeded in regaining the sales in the year 2012. The sales result also highlights the strong demand for Japanese vehicles in US and Asian auto market. Read more »

Top 7 Best Selling Cars in 2012

Top Selling Cars in 2012 in the US

Various automakers surveys show that there is an improvement in auto sales figures. It also shows that the economy is improving and people are buying cars again. We have listed the top 7 models which were top selling in the US in the year 2012. And, you can see that 5 Japanese cars feature in this list of top 7 best selling cars in the United States.

7. Toyota Corolla

The compact Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the history of automobile even in its fourth generation of production. Toyota Corolla is in seventh position of top selling car in US as it is more economical, reliable, fuel-efficient yet small & compact. It is preferred by everyone in US right from high school students to retirees as it provides more dependable transportation. The tree trim levels of Corolla include S, L and LE. The base Toyota Corolla-L features with keyless entry full power accessories, air-conditioning and 15” steel wheels. Toyota Corolla-LE features with 16” alloy wheels, cruise control and with Bluetooth as well as iPod connectivity. Toyota Corolla-S comes with metallic interior and sporty body elements. Toyota Corolla cars were on the seventh position of top selling cars in US with total sales of 290,947 in the year 2012.

6. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V introduced in the late 90s offering a distinctive option to conventional mid- size &full-size large SUVs. In the initial stages it was popular because it was competitively priced and offered more cargo capacity. Its fourth generation model was redesigned in 2012 with minimal hardware changes but adding style and few new features. Honda CR-V features include comfortable & sensible interior, swift handling, improved passenger protection and top crash test scores. Honda CR-V offers base LX and uplevel EX trim. Nearly 281,652 Honda CR-V vehicles were sold in the year 2012.

5. Honda Accord

Honda Accord is not popular for its sporty or sexy look but for its comfort driving in US. Honda Accord has offered reliability, strong resale value and comfort for daily transportation in America for last three decades. Its three trim levels are DX, EX and LX. Honda Accord EX is available in luxury EX, EX-L (leather-lined), EX-L with Navi (leather & navigation-equipped). Honda Accord’s new trims consist of LX (only sedan), Sedan (enthusiast-oriented Sport), loaded Touring Sedan and LX-S. 331,872 units of Honda Accord were sold in the year 2012.

4. Honda Civic

Honda Civic compact cars are popular in US for their high fuel economy and environmental awareness. Mainstream trim levels of Honda civic consist of EX, EX-L, DX and LX. It is also available in Natural Gas sedan, Si coupe and Hybrid sedan. Buyers are attracted towards its munificent selection of engines and configurations. This cute capable small car is on the forth place of the list. All Honda Civic trims are featured with side curtain airbags, front-seat side airbags and antilock brakes. Even with the major drawback of controversial dash layout and elevated road noise, around 317,909 units were sold in the year 2012. Read more »

Toyota Aqua Best Selling car in Japan

Toyota Aqua remains top selling car in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation sold around 22,466 units of its hybrid sedan Aqua also called Prius C in January 2013 in Japan and thereby, maintaining Toyota Aqua as the best selling car in Japan for four consecutive months. The sales has gone up by 66.6 % compared to the previous year. The rankings of the cars are based on the data obtained by the Japan Mini Vehicles Association and the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.

The sales of Honda N Box mini car have jumped up by 2.1 times to 20,552 units and it was ranked the second best selling car in Japan. Another Toyota Hybrid Sedan, ‘the Prius’ ranked 3rd and sold at 17,735 units, sales going down by 39.1 % compared to the previous year. Daihatsu’s Move mini-car ranked at the 4th position in the month of January, with sales going up by 22.5 % after launching an improved version of the car in December.  Nissan Note ranked at the 5th position with sales boosting by 3 times after a full changeover done in September last year.

It is interesting to note that among the top ten best selling cars, six were mini-cars with engines no larger than 660cc.  These cars are popular because of their affordable price and high fuel efficiency. customers are very much interested in buying these Mini-vehicles as the small cars have low maintenance costs and have a cheaper price tag. Even though the overall sales of new vehicle were down since September last year, because of the withdrawal of subsidies offered by government for buying environment friendly vehicles, mini cars sold well. The expiry of the subsidy program affected the sales of Japan’s new passenger cars down by 13.6 % in the month of January.

History of Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua is assembled at ’Kanto Auto Works in Iwate Prefecture in north Japan. Toyota initially targeted production of around 12,000 units per month though it has a manufacturing capacity of 30,000 units every month. But because of the high demand for the Aqua or Prius c (city) in the Japanese market, the car is expected to be in short supply unless Toyota augments the production capacity.

The Toyota Prius c (City) is named as Toyota Aqua in Japan. Read more »

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