Japan Auctions Useful Information

Useful information about Japanese Auctions

Everyone loves to buy quality products at auction sales and this thought must have definitely come to your mind.  You must try to purchase quality commodities at Japan auctions.  The range of products sold on Japanese auctions is immense and you can buy varied products such as gadgets, appliances, motorcycle parts and many more things. The auction prices at these Japanese auctions are generally much less than those offered at supermarkets and malls.

Buying goods at Japanese auctions

Although, you can buy products at a much lower price at the auctions, it is an uphill task.  You must take right steps while negotiating the price of products and it is not easy.  You must learn some useful tips from the information given below.

To make your job easy, you must visit the Yahoo Japan auction website which is very popular.  You can use this site for shopping online.  If you do not understand the Japanese language and still want to buy the products at Yahoo Japan auctions, then you must definitely visit Easy auction Japan (EAJ) website.  This site is specially designed for people living overseas and this site provides services in English language.  Everybody is welcome to visit and place their request on this site.  You can bid for any product of your choice and get it.

At Easy auction Japan, you can choose products from various categories and range.  Some of the popular categories are music, sports, motorcycle and car parts, hobbies, fashion, home appliances and computers.  At EAJ, you can bid in English and the items are delivered to your doorstep.  In order to sell your items and bid for products on EAJ, you first need to register an account with EAJ.  At EAJ, all the payments would be made through Paypal.

Once you finish buying a particular product, EAJ sees to it that the product reaches your house properly.  If you buy more than one item from different sellers or stores, EAJ will club these items together and pack them in a single box.  Then this box is sent to you.  By doing this, EAJ helps you to save money on shipping.

You can also buy plenty of products at eBay Japan where the details of the most famous items are given.  You also come to know about the various consumer choices and preferences.  This platform also provides you a great opportunity to start your own business.  You must definitely make use of this great opportunity.

To sum up, Japan auctions is the best place where you can sell and bid for items.  All this can be done in English language if you are residing outside Japan.  You also do not have to worry about shipping as the goods safely reach your doorstep.

Should you buy Cars at Yahoo or Ebay Japan Auctions?

However, you should exercise care when buying something expensive. Though PayPal offers you protection to a large degree, not every one is honest.  You should refrain buying used cars or motorcycles from these auction sites, because you will not know what you are buying. The sellers are not professional sellers. Also, they may not know the complications involved in shipping of motorcycles and cars.

Google street view cars to help Post-Quake Japan

Google deploys street view cars in earthquake hit Japan

Japan was rattled by earthquake and later hit by the ferocious tsunami in March this year.  The fury of these two natural calamities led to widespread loss of property, human lives and displaced thousands of people.  People began to panic on not being able to locate their near and dear ones.  The extent of the damage was so huge that several towns and cities were completely destroyed.  It was not humanly possible to gauge the extent of damage to human lives and property.  Google is now helping the people of Japan in the quake hit areas with rebuilding efforts with their street view cars .

In order to help Japan and the people at large, Google began to deploy street view cars.  The street view car is fitted with nine cameras on its top for the sole purpose of clicking digital images.  These hi-tech cameras can capture the 360 degree panoramic view of the earthquake hit areas.  One of the worst earthquake hit areas in Japan is Kessennuma and the Google street view cars have been deployed on the streets of Kesennuma.  Apart from the earthquake ravaged Kesennuma, the street view car is also being deployed in other earthquake hit towns of Japan.

The street view cars would not only help to ascertain the damage caused due to earthquake but it would also help in monitoring the reconstruction work. Initially, the Japanese people looked at street view cars with great apprehension.  The Japanese people by nature are very private people and do not entertain any intrusion in to their private lives.  The street view cars can capture almost any kind of detail.  In fact, the street view cars were allowed to ply only after they removed all the detailed images and replaced them with less detailed ones. Read more »

Earthquake, Tsunami affect Auto Industry in Japan

Auto Industry Shuts Down in Post-Quake Japan

Japan is one of those few countries that are well prepared for natural disasters like earthquakes.  But even in Japan there was chaos and widespread destruction and suffering after its northeastern coast was battered by a massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

The earthquake whose magnitude has been recorded as 9.0, unleashed huge tsunami waves up to 10 meters (33 ft) in height within minutes of striking Japan, washing away cars and ships and even buildings in the coastal area near the epicenter.  Several Japanese car companies had to completely suspend vehicle production.

quake tsunami japan cars

Many automakers like Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Suzuki have not only their headquarters in Japan, but also key manufacturing facilities located there as well.  Since many of these plants have now been shut down this could also affect sales of models in countries overseas.

One of the factors preventing a regular production schedule at Japanese auto facilities is the concern for employee security and safety.  In addition, infrastructure has been severely damaged in major industrial areas, there are rolling blackouts being introduced because of the damage to the power grid, and suppliers are struggling to logistically organize the delivery of vital supplies and components to the ravaged areas of the country.

Since major auto factories are located close to the most badly affected earthquake areas, five of Japan’s largest automakers have temporarily shut down their production lines.  Toyota has suspended activities till around March 16.  But Nissan (March 18), Honda (March 20), Mazda (March 20), and Subaru (March 21) will be confronting a longer idle period.  At Suzuki, plants will be closed until March 17, while Mitsubishi has already resumed production of its own after a short shutdown.

Another fall-out of the recent tragedy is that Japanese automotive parts have had their shipments to American and European automobile companies disrupted.  Read more »

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Google unveils Japanese Car Navigation Application

Google launches Google Map Navi for Japan

Google Japan recently unveiled Google Map Navi – a car navigation application for the Japanese market –  that could be used free of charge with Android based smartphones.  The car navigation functionality comes integrated with the GPS functionality of the mobile phone in this application.  Google Japan implemented the car navigation functions by making improvements in the route navigation function of Google Map.

The Google Map Navi has functionality to search for public restrooms, hotels, restaurants and other facilities located on the route, apart from its main function of route navigation.  This car navigation application is very user friendly.  A user can search for the desired destinations and facilities by voice input.  All the user needs to do is to speak the address or the destination into the phone, and the application will start searching for a route connecting the user’s current location to the destination.  A user can search for restaurants located on the route by speaking words such as ‘family restaurant’ and ‘grilled meat’.  Public restrooms,  gas stations and parking areas can be searched in a similar manner.

Google Map Navi system works with conventional maps as well as with aerial photos.  In addition, by double-tapping a location on the mobile screen, one can see a Google Street view picture of the location.  The navigational system also notifies the user of the arrival and displays a picture of the destination using Google Street View when the user is near the destination.

Google already has launched similar Car Navigation applications in the United States and Europe.  This is the first time Google is rolling out its customized version of the car navigation system in an Asian country.   The car navigation application customized for Japan can handle some unique situations in Japan such as unnamed roads and searching for a route that does not include the toll roads.  Google Inc. is planning to implement such features in services being provided in other countries.  Though Google offers traffic information to car drivers through a similar system in the United States, it is not planning to have this feature for the initial release of the application.  Also, though at present the Google Map Navi is mainly designed for car drivers, Google Japan plans to provide a similar service for bicycle riders and pedestrians in the future.

To be able to install Google Map Navi, the mobile phone must be compatible.  If Mobile Google Map and OpenGL can run on the mobile phone, it can run Google Map Navi too.  Apple’s iPhone is not supported for this car navigation application.

Similar car navigation services are offered by other mobile phone companies in Japan; however, Google plans to attract more users by providing more search capabilities.

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Nissan offers Vitamin C Enriched Cars

Nissan – the Japanese car maker has announced about its working on the idea of “Health and Well-Being” to make it a healthier and safer experience for people driving in one of their cars.

There has been some thought that has gone into making just good old driving a special “experience” here.  Nissan is working on getting vitamin C enriched breathable air pumped into the automobile enclosure by the air-conditioning system to aid in keeping the occupants’ skin supple and feeling fresh.  This out of the box thinking from Nissan has brought in a lot of accolades as well as some critique.

nissan vitamin c car

Who wouldn’t want to prevent their elbows and skin going dry after driving around in an air-conditioned car over long drives?  Conversely, having your skin moisturized, without even actually having to do so seems like the perfect answer to most people’s problems.  Driving or even just traveling in a car manufactured by Nissan from now on would become a wholly new and fresh-feeling experience.

The “experience” is administered by a plasma cluster ion generator installed to control the filtering of air through the climate control system within the car.  The next generation system of climate control will not only filter the air within but also from outside the car as well as pump in vitamin C which is so essential for keeping skin moisturized and feeling soft and supple.

The plasma cluster ions assist in the reduction of mold intensity and also reduces bacteria that are airborne besides assisting in neutralizing microbe carrying allergens in the air and ticks.  These ions are also effective in controlling odors.

The system is geared to be able to sense different odors – like those of decay and industrial discharge – and mechanically toggle the airing system as necessary.

Along with these vitamin C enriched air circulation, Nissan is also aiming at helping at reducing stress on feet and legs of long distance drivers by installing specially designed heated ergonomic seats with multi-layered cushion pads to help keep both the driver and passengers comfortable for those going on long drives.  These chairs help considerably reduce back ache and also facilitate blood circulation and have been developed as a result undertaken by NASA.

Nissan is striving to make drivers feel safer, healthier and more comfortable within the car than out of it.  The new vitamin C spraying air-conditioners and air purifiers specially manufactured by Sharp, are bound to go a great way in increasing awareness among automobile owners that are health conscious.

With the increase in competition between automobile manufacturers, this value addition to the car market from Nissan brings with it a new way of looking to make their automobiles different from those produced by the rest of the car manufacturers.

Meguru – Bamboo and Paper Electric Vehicle

If you visit popular tourist places in Japan, you are bound to see traditional Japanese art souvenirs like wooden and paper umbrellas.  But next time you visit Kyoto or Nara, you may be able to take a ride in an Electric Vehicle taxi which is made out of Bamboo and Wood Pulp Paper!

Well, this is not a joke! Japanese companies Yodogawa and Kinki Knives Industries have developed a prototype thee wheeler Electric Vehicle named Meguru, which is more like a three-wheeler auto-rickshaw used in countries like India and Thailand.  This electric auto rickshaw features steel frame painted with red lacquer, and it resembles the red tori gates of shrines in Japan.  The vehicle has bamboo flooring, and its doors are crafted from Japanese washi paper, resemble the folding fan.  At night, the vehicle looks like a lantern as the lights inside glow through the paper doors.  A driver sits in front, and one or two passengers sit in back on a couch.  Kyoto craftsmen helped to give a distinctly Japanese traditional touch to the styling of this vehicle.

meguru electric car

Well, this electric vehicle is not meant for driving on highways.  Meguru is designed for use as a taxi.  This vehicle inspired by the traditional jin-rickshaw and Japanese culture is meant to attract customers in popular tourist places like Kyoto, Nara, Nikko and Asakusa which are famous for the traditional Japanese culture.  The electric vehicle can run at a maximum speed of 40 km/hour and a range of 40 km.  It needs just two hours from charging from household power supply.  Thus, it is an eco-friendly and affordable, way to go around the town in style.

The makers of Meguru are serious about selling this electric car made of traditional materials such as bamboo and paper.  Meguru is expected to go on sale in Japan for around $10,000.

In old Japanese cities like Nara and Kyoto, which have old temples and palaces, with old type jin-rickshaws still plying in the streets, the Meguru probably would not look out of place. The  bamboo and paper would give it an air of old-style craftsmanship, and environment lovers would definitely love its zero-emission ride.

I liked the idea of using traditional indigenous materials like bamboo, lacquer and washi paper in vehicles.  Though it may not be the safest idea to use bamboo in vehicle body, Meguru’s bamboo floor is both tough and elegant.  Next time, you visit Osaka for Japanese used car auction, just remind me to have a pleasure ride in Meguru taxi.

For more pictures and videos of Meguru electric car, check the news at Japan Trends.

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Funny Japanese Car Names

Every month, some or the other car gets launched in the Japanese Car market so differentiating each of them on the basis of their looks becomes difficult as most of them have similar looks. Car makers love to differentiate their car models by naming them with unique names. Japanese car makers try their best to sound different or unique and so land up naming their car with names that sound funny rather than nice, and at times they may mean the exact opposite!

Japanese auto makers have left behind all other countries by giving some of the wonderful car names to their car models. Japanese auto manufacturers are more concerned about “mouth feel” or how good would certain combination of words sound and so neglect relevance and grammar while arriving at new car names for markets other than the United States. Japanese car names have been a source of humor in International motoring circles.

One example of this name combination is Mitsubishi Chariot Grandio Super Exceed which sounds like a grand name, but this vehicle is used more for carrying groceries.

There are many more examples like this which the Japanese car makers have created to give some extraordinary name to their model, but are supper funny car names! or at times sound the exact opposite.

funny car names

Have you heard of Mazda Bongo/Bongo Friendee/Bongo Brawny? Latin singer Ricky Martin made ‘bongo’ famous by using it in most of his songs and then there is a famous jeans company by the name “Bongo”. Considering this fact Mazda wanted to cash on the Bongo’s inherent prestige, so Mazda introduced a small-van called as Mazda Bongo. Apart from this standard form, Mazda also manufactured its sub model which is called as Bongo Brawny and Bongo Friendee. The name sounds so musical and affirming masculinity at the same time!

Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard is one is a sport-utility vehicle, but it brings up the image of some mysterious old man who has some magic tools than that of an SUV. And, Isuzu Big Horn Truck sounds like it is for people who like the sound of big horns instead of those little beep-beep horns. Isuzu GIGA is a series of heavy duty trucks with high capacity, and are mainly used to perform heavy duty task such as carrying cargo. Considering its name Isuzu GIGA 20 Light Dump, it may sound like some small truck used for carrying dump.

Honda Life Dunk has an engine which is turbocharged. Seeing at its name it sounds like your life is going to dunk after driving this car. This is clear example of how funny Japanese Car names can be. And, you may not have heard that Yamaha made any cars, but one of their cars is named the Yamaha Pantryboy Supreme. It is a supreme compact van, but we wonder where the pantry boy came from? Nissan Elgrand Homy is not at all like a home as it is a luxury minivan. Perhaps, they should have named it as homey – a trusted companion.

Daihatsu Charade Social Poze sounds like a dance craze of the 1980’s with semi-naked girls. And, Daihatsu Rocky also named as Daihatsu Rugger in some countries, bring up the image of boxers, rugby players, or rocky mountains. And, I am sure you would need to have some guts if you are planning to buy a Naked Daihatsu!

Mitsubishi has come up with some of the silliest names for their cars and trucks. If you think of Mitsubishi Mirage, you would dream of driving in a desert where there is no one else but you. Mitsubishi Townbox sounds like a children’s toy car, but it is a 5 door hatchback. And there is a sillier name like Mitsubishi MUM 500 Shall We Join Us? That a question mark in the name would really make us wonder if it is some sort of joining proposal by group of 500 Moms! And how can we join ourselves?

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Panasonic Toyota Racing Team launched New F1 Machine

Panasonic Toyota Racing Team (Japanese F1 Racing team)launched TF107 as their New F1 Machine for the 2007 F1 Championship Season. The 2007 F1 Championship will be start on 18th March 2007 in Australia.

Among of the 11 teams in F1 Racing Teams, Toyota is the team that has the same engine maker and the same tyre partnership. Besides that, their Race Driver also the same as last season. This make it the unique team that can make the team learned the weak point from passed season and make the Panasonic Toyota Racing Team to has good result in this new season.

Techical Specifications for TF107 as below:
It has moulded carbon fibre and honeycomb construction for its monocoque construction. Front suspension is Carbon fibre double wishbone arrangement, with carbon fibre trackrod and pushrod. Rear suspension is Carbon fibre double wishbone arrangement, with carbon fibre toe link and pushrod. For the dampers, it use Penske and wheels is from BBS forged magnesium. Tyres is Bridgestone Potenza. Brake calipers and Brembo Brake master cylinders is from Brembo. Braking material is Hitco (carbon/carbon) Steering is Toyota power-assisted steering and Steering wheel is Toyota carbon fibre wheel with Toyota / Magneti Marelli instrument. Driver seat is make from Carbon fibre, moulded to driver’s shape. Driver restraints is Takata and Driver HANS device is designed from Toyota. Electronic systems Toyota / Magneti Marelli, Transmission is 7-speed unit plus reverse. Beside that , the race engine is RVX-07 that has 8 cylinder with approximately 740bhp.
For the acceleration system, it use Pneumatic Valve actuation and hydraulic throttle actuation.

For year 2007, Toyota aim is to win the race.


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