Different Causes of Car Engine Trouble

What are different causes of Car Engine Trouble?

If your car engine is giving you trouble, it may be a horrible experience. It may be much expensive to rebuild or buy a new engine . And, if you have an older vehicle, then to repair your car engine will not be reasonable for you.  Wait! Don’t just get panic, or think about putting your car in scrap. There are ways to make your car engine work well, even if it is old. You should find out the reasons your car engine is giving trouble and you may find a solution that won’t cost much and it may be relatively easy to fix the problem.

car engine trouble

Indications of Car Engine Trouble

There is an indicator in your car that tells you if your engine is in trouble, but you don’t have to trust this indicator every time. This “Check Engine” light can lit even if the gas cap is not screwed on tightly. However, if you recognize weird smell or noise from your car engine, then it is sure that your car engine is in trouble.

If your car’s “Check Engine” light is flashing for any other reasons, you don’t have to worry; it happens with new vehicles.  As an alternative, you should make your car scanned by a professional mechanic to know why your engine is in trouble. You can do it yourself too; all you need to do is, just insert a diagnostic tool in your car’s computer system and system will tell you the status of all the operating functions of your car.

Common Causes Why a Car Engine Fails to Work

Well, you can identify if there is any problem in your car engine. But what makes your car engine fail to work well? Most of these causes are related to dirty fuel filter or bad sparking plugs. Your car engine also causes trouble if the fuel lines are clogged. Another reason that your engine cannot work is because of fault in your car’s computer system. Therefore, your car engine cannot work well because of these main three reasons; one is if there is insufficient supply of fuel that prevents the spark to occur. Second is, lack of spark to get the engine work and third is, insufficient compression to make the fuel mix generating a spark.

Also, your car battery may be dead or there is not enough motor oil. Probably, your car’s cooling system may not be working properly making the engine overheated or there might be actually a problem with ignition system of your car that is not allowing your car engine to start.

How to Fix Car Engine Trouble?

If you run your car with low gas level, a bad fuel mix may happen as your car engine gets too much air. To fix this problem, you should make sure that your car has enough gas at all time. Also, you should always replace fuel filters regularly that can help fuel to run through the engine smoothly. You can also easily replace bad spark plugs. Maybe sometimes the real problem is the spark plug wires that also you can change easily. To make sufficient compression of fuel, you should replace intake valves or piston rings.

It is also possible that a compression combustion cylinder has a hole and you need to repair it. You should always check your oil levels. You should also test your car battery regularly and if there is problem, you should replace it. To replace your car battery is cheaper and easy way to make your car engine work. You should buy a good car battery; just have a look how to select a good car battery.

It may be intensely distressing to smell a weird odor or hear unusual and strange noise from your car’s hood. And, you must not ignore it. It will be always better to identify and fix the problem immediately rather than ignoring it. Doing like that, you may end up with a big damage to your car and may have to spend big money. To maintain your car engine is always better than to repair it. So, to make your car engine perform well, you should regularly replace engine belts and change oil in it.

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