High Fuel efficiency of Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max Sets High Fuel Efficiency Record

Nowadays auto manufacturers mainly aim at fuel efficiency as the oil prices are increasing day by day.  Isuzu Trucks Philippines has recently proved fuel efficiency of their D-Max SUVs at Manila rally.  Isuzu’s current engines generation had proved the company’s tradition of dependability, longevity and fuel efficiency.

The challenge taken by IPC was to test that if this vehicle can run with highest speed of 80 km/hr during the day. There was a verifier and navigator on the board along with one driver to test this challenge. The challenge of fuel economy was started in 2002.  The Isuzu Challenge meant to test Isuzu vehicle’s mileage efficiency particularly for their sales in Philippines.  The fuel efficiency recorded in that year was 36.48 km per liter for which the vehicle covered the distance of 89-km between Nasugbu to Alabang in Batangas.

ISUZU Trucks and SUVs in Philippines

President of IPC Ryoji Yamazaki & EVP Takashi Tomita flagged off this year’s event on April 17.  The head trainer of Smart Driving Corporation, Michael Mercado was with them as observer and verifier. Francisco “Bebot” Reyes Jr. who is a member of Philippines Automobile Association navigated this year’s campaign.  The D-Max driver, Francis Ivan Isada is also a member of Philippines Automobile Association.

The multi-awarded D-max was filled to the edge with fuel. The vehicle was drove around Luzon city until the entire 76 liters of fuel consumed. The average running was 19.3 kms per liter and the total distance covered by the vehicle was 1,467 kilometers..

However, on April 17, 2013 the total distance cover by D-max was whatever it could go under usual driving circumstances.  Key parts were placed with security stickers after an IPC representative tanked up manually the vehicle up to the edge, to ensure that readings are not tampered. Even the driver was not allowed to switch off the engine unless the occurrence of serious car problem. Distance covered showed on the trip meter was noted by the marshals & verifiers as soon as cuts out of the engine. The calculation of fuel consumption and mileage was done on the basis of km traveled by the vehicle and maximum capacity of fuel tank which was 76 liters.

Filipinos have accepted the results of fuel-eco campaign by IPC as a measure of Isuzu’s tested technology of diesel engine. Though there are lot of seventy’s and eighty’s vehicle are still been used in Philippines as a variety of transportation forms.

When the team of Isuzu D-Max arrived at its first stop in Vigan after traveling 456 kms , the average speed was  43 kms per hr. This was for the first day, when the pickup traveled through the traffic of vehicles and pedestrian. On second day the team covered 550-kms in Isabela.  On the third day they ended in San Jose with a 1,467 km trip meter reading. And this reading showed that a fuel consumption of 19.3 km to a liter.

D-max has proved that it can make effective use of engine brakes. They properly used higher gears and neutral gear while driving downhill. And they achieved a economical speed of 70 to 80 k/h.

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