Honda’s New Cars for Chinese Market

Honda Plans New Cars for Chinese Automobile Market

Honda Motor co recently unveiled their new lineup in Shanghai auto show. The new model includes the Jade, the Crider sedan, an avant-garde sedan and the Concept M MPV. These models are specially designed for the fast growing Chinese automobile market. These models are neither hybrid nor of electric category.

What type of cars Chinese customers prefer?

Honda has lot of expectations from their hybrid technology. However, it is seen that Chinese car buyers don’t care much for hybrid cars. Chinese consumers prefer the cars which are best suitable for their needs. Chinese customers buy high quality cars that have looks and are available at affordable price. Chinese auto buyers are not yet ready for the concept of Hybrid cars. That’s why Honda is revamping its conventional car models to suit the needs of Chinese customers.

Joint venture Guangqi Honda will produce the 1.8 ltr Crider and it will available for sale in the month of June. Guangqi Honda will also launch its wholly owned brand Everus S1 in May 2013. The Everus is a compact sedan. The total 316,000 vehicles were sold in the year 2012. Honda has lot of expectation to increase their sales with the help of this JV. They hope to reach their annual sales to one million by 2020.

Honda’s other Joint venture, Dongfeng Honda, will build the model – Jade. This model was very popular in Chinese auto market in the month of September. The company has further plans to produce their model Concept M’s in China next year. Honda Concept M will offer spacious & comfortable cabin which will help the drivers all time. However, the company has not yet revealed that which JV will produce it.

Honda introduced their three hybrid models last year in China. These models were the Fit, Insight and CR-Z. Company’s next year plan is to manufacture components of hybrid cars in China. Japanese automaker, Honda, is expecting to achieve a huge sale by introduction of these new lineup of cars. Honda markets its vehicles with the help of their two joint ventures Guangqi Honda Automobile Co Ltd and Dongfeng Honda.

Honda recently announced its intention to introduce ten more new lineups to China market. These ten new models will include plug-in hybrids as well as small-displacement cars.  Honda sold around 618,000 vehicles in china for the year 2011; and it has plans to sell almost double of it in 2015. This is a continuation of their mid-term plan unveiled last year.

Honda will locally manufacture their popular mid sized Sedan with the help of joint venture Guangqi Honda. They will apply latest Earth Dreams powertrain technology for their vehicles. Introduction of this new technology is also a part of their mid tem strategy 2015. This is the first time, they will be introducing this new technology in China. This new Honda Accord will be available for sale in September this year. As per President of Honda Motors China, these new segment of Honda cars aims to provide convenience and fun to China customers.

Though there is eco-friendly wave in auto market worldwide, Chinese customers are not seen giving much importance to this concept. Considering this, Honda has introduced their model, Crider blended with the element of Chinese culture. . So the company is trying to check the response from Chinese customers for their hybrid and electric models. The company has hopes that soon there will be a great response for their hybrids in China.

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