Mitsubishi Clean Diesel Truck for Japan

Mitsubishi launches Delica D:5 Minivan in Japan

Mitsubishi Motors focused on green technology for their new models of minivans that they have introduced this year. Mitsubishi launched a clean diesel version of minivan called Delica D:5 in this month. Mitsubishi Motors aims to expand environmental friendly vehicles lineup. This plug-in category of hybrid model is an Outlander SUV which can be easily charged from your household power source. DELICA D:5 by Mitsubishi is actually a minivan of monobox type vehicle with combination  of user-friendly feature of minivan and the sturdiness of SUV’s.

Mitsubishi started manufacturing MPVs and Delica trucks since 1968. Actually “Delica” is a short form of delivery and car. This entire segment was produced at small quantity in 1967 and sold as pickups. The price of DELICA D:5 will be ranged between 3,419,000 yen to 3,934,000 yen.

Mitsubishi clean diesel: Delica D:5 Features

What are the special features of Mitsubishi’s minivan Delica D:5? It is comfortable for long journeys as well as trips within cities. Deica D:5 aims at safety, relaxation to passengers along with taking care of ecology. This minivan is specious and has enough room for eight persons along with comfortable foot space for 3rd row passengers as well as larger luggage capacity. Its specific interior equipments include an odor-removing air filter, heat-blocking ultraviolet windshield glass, and a deodorizing roof. Drivers feel stress free as this minivan has water-repelling window and door glass which helps to get clear vision of exterior objects during rainy seasons. Like other Outlander SUV’s, it comes with four-wheel drive setups. Actually, Delica is reputable name in 4×4 people carrying. Now, there are 2 interior color options are available dark gray and beige.

Not just interior but is also has a compact exterior design. Mitsubishi Delica D:5 is just 8.9 c.m. narrower and 9 c.m. shorter than a Ford’s Galaxy. It provides great visibility with comfortable tall driving position and perfect combination of rear lamps and headlamps. The unique combination of a Hummer-style grille and chunky alloys make is distinct. 18” alloy wheels emphasize the minivan’s toughness. This mini-vehicle has a newly developed technology feature of exhaust gas cleanup. A large front window gives good visibility to the driver.

Mitsubishi Motors has also unveiled its Outlander SUV in the month of Jan. This hybrid minivan is also called as Minicab-MiEV Truck. This new commercial electric minivan comes with a great performance and can also be used as an electricity backup source for residential purpose. And the price of MiEV Truck will be ranged from 1,858,000 yen to 1,910,500 yen. However, it will take some time to get easily available in the retail market.

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