Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Pros and Cons of Owning an Electric Vehicle

Emission of fossil fuel gases causes harm to environment. Increase in climate change, global warming and the cost of fuels have made it necessary to think about another option to fuel cars.  Electric car is the solution to overcome this problem. Electric cars are constantly in the news these days because of their advantages, but they are not yet very popular because of their high prices.

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Electric car prices are coming down these days as many car manufacturers are pushing their electric vehicle models in the market. So, should we get on the bandwagon for electric cars, or just be satisfied with our traditional gasoline based car?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric car? Just have a look at these pros and cons modern of electric cars, so that you can make an informed decision in buying your next car.

Pros of owning electric cars

Electric Cars are not Dependent on Fossil Fuels

You don’t need to use fossil fuels for your day to day travel. The engine of electric cars runs with the power from rechargeable battery. You can just plug in the battery and get it charged.

Electric Cars Help to Save the Environment

As experts say, about one-third of harmful gases come from vehicles on road. You can reduce greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere not owning such vehicles. Instead, you can utilize the electricity to charge the battery coming from burning coal. You can reduce emission of harmful gases, like carbon dioxide, by using electric cars.

Electric Cars can Help in Saving Money on Gas

Amount of money you spend on gas to run your car, is much more than your electricity bill with extra charges. So, you need not worry about continuous use of electricity to charge the battery. It doesn’t consume more power. Also, all parts of an electric car are reusable that will help to preserve the environment for next generations.

Electric car owners cans save Money on Car Insurance

Insurance company extends extra savings on electric car owners since they are considered better risk than others. Thus you can save more money on insurance.

Electric cars provide incentives

Tax Incentives: Many state governments offer tax incentives to owners of eco friendly cars, such as electric cars.

Utility incentives: Rebate is provided for separate meter for car charger. Also the provide low rates for the electricity used for charging than regular charges of electricity.

Electric Cars are Quiet

Electric cars are not noisy like regular cars. They neither create engine noise while starting the car, nor while driving.

Fast Acceleration

Electric car such as the Tesla has very fast and smooth acceleration. You can get a fast and effortless glide with a light touch on the pedal.

Cons of Owning an Electric Car

There are cons of electric cars with their pros.

Electric Cars can only be Driven Short Distances

The electric cars cannot go for long distance by charging your car for one time, as that of full tank of gasoline. The Leaf can travel 120 miles at speed of approximately 38 miles per hour. These cars are operated on short distances before the battery needs recharging. These vehicles require frequent recharging, that makes their use inconvenient.

Electric Cars Are Costly to Repair and Maintain

Although people save money on electric cars, they spend lots of money on maintenance of these cars.  People spend more money on repairs and maintenance if electric cars as they don’t find the mechanic for these cars. Also you need a place to park your car out of your house, and make the charging port for the car. For people living in apartment buildings it is not possible to have sources of electricity at their parking place.

Replacement of Electric Car Batteries May be Costly

Since batteries are not in condition to work with for longer period, they must be replaced with new one. This includes an additional cost to own such cars. These new batteries cost a lot than older ones.

Electric Cars Damage the Environment in Other Ways

Environmentalists are concerned about, how much damage will an environment have on disposal of car batteries. Although they are recycled, millions of batteries can be thrown off around the world every year that will cause a serious damage to the environment. By producing electricity with burning coal, you are using energy of fossil fuels indirectly to run your electric cars. Usage of electric cars will also increase the use of coal to produce electric energy.

Another disadvantage is, the batteries used in cars cannot work in cold weather, so you cannot use these cars in winters. Electric cars are useful but they have some drawbacks too. Although these cars are helpful to people to save environment, somewhere it also affect the environment.

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